Monday 23rd May 2022

PHILL CAN’T DIG HIMSELF OUT OF THIS HOLE Tyrone is still suspicious of Phill and what he is up to. Meanwhile when Hope borrows Phill’s laptop she  is the one who uncovers the truth and in true Hope style takes revenge. Phill hears the noise of the mini-digger on the driveway and dashes round the house to see what’s going on. Phill’s horrified to see Hope and as she pulls a lever, the digger’s arm swings round and smashes the windscreen on his car. What has Hope discovered? And does this spell the end for Fiz and Phill? 

FAYE STEPS IN TO HELP SAVE HER DAD’S MARRIAGE Faye quizzes Tim about his row with Sally. Tim attends his appointment accompanied by Sally.  When Tim reveals he’s suffering from impotence, Dr Gaddas suggests she’ll alter his medication. 

NICKY TRIES TO BUILD BRIDGES Daniel breaks the news to Ken that he’s giving up teaching. Nicky calls in the Rovers to speak to Daisy. 

ELSEWHERE  Amy and Jacob call at No.1 with their overnight things. Meanwhile, Billy confronts Summer and accuses her of failing to take her meds regularly.  Summer flies off the handle and storms out. 


  • Alan Halsall as Tyrone Dobbs
  • Andrew Whyment as Kirk Sutherland
  • Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley
  • Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow
  • Christine Mackie as Dr. Gaddas
  • Daniel Brocklebank as Billy Mayhew
  • Elle Mulvaney as Amy Barlow
  • Ellie Leach as Faye Windass
  • Gareth Pierce as Todd Grimshaw
  • Harriet Bibby as Summer Spellman
  • Isabella Flanagan as Hope Stape
  • Jack James Ryan as Jacob Hay
  • Jamie Kenna as Phill Whittaker
  • Jennie Mcalpine as Fiz Stape
  • Joe Duttine as Tim Metcalfe
  • Julia Goulding as Shona Platt
  • Kate Ford as Tracy Mcdonald
  • Kimberly Hart-Simpson as Nicky Wheatley
  • Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne
  • Sally Dynevor as Sally Metcalfe
  • Simon Gregson as Steve Mcdonald
  • William Roache as Ken Barlow

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

By Eastieoaks

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