• Hendrix’s operation takes a tragic turn.
  • The neighbours cope with some devastating news and Toadie makes a surprising decision.
  • Terese’s family woes get worse, and Toadie and Mel take the next step.
  • Glen falls into Estelle’s trap and Harlow finally gets what she’s after.
  • Terese gives Estelle a shocking ultimatum and a well-intended idea goes horribly awry.

Monday 13th June

After a tense night, Hendrix comes through with a successful lung transplant, but his health takes a sudden turn when his body rejects it.

With only hours left to live, he fights through the pain to cherish his final moments with his loved ones.

Tuesday 14th June

It’s a sad day on Ramsay Street. Sadie blames herself for Hendrix’s death, Harlow tries to support Mackenzie, and Kiri comforts Chloe.

Zara reveals Hendrix’s secret project was a video for his family. Toadie takes comfort in Melanie’s warm care.

Wednesday 15th June

Terese becomes conflicted about turning her mum away.

Stunned by Toadie’s proposal, Melanie fears it’s a knee-jerk reaction born of heightened emotions.

Determined to perfect both of Hendrix’s memorials, Mackenzie gives herself a lot to do, but finds herself between a rock and a hard place.

Thursday 16th June

Glen submits to Estelle’s blackmail and convinces Terese to give her mother another chance. The pair make positive inroads, but Estelle falls back into her manipulative ways.

Harlow is determined to find Corey despite Andrew wanting to pull the plug on the sting.

Friday 17th June

Devastated by Glen and Estelle’s betrayal, Terese seeks solace. Ashamed of himself and his relapse, Glen fears he’s ruined his relationship with Terese by lying to her.

Harlow’s arranged a meeting with Corey, but when he changes the time and place, Andrew calls off the sting to protect her.

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