This situation with Tim and Sally has been going on for some time now how has it affected their marriage

They are a very sexual couple. They’re the first people to leave a party to get home and then since Tim;s bypass things have gone downhill for them. I think it’s been really really difficult for them. Now they have this situation which is really really difficult for their relationship. Sally thinks she’s doing her best and trying to encourage him and doing everything she possibly can to get them into bed. Now she’s feeling like she’s not attractive and maybe he’s looking at other women and doesn’t know what she is doing wrong. And she has no idea that behind her back he is confiding in Aggie instead of talking to her.

Does she feel the communication has broken down?

I think that’s the biggest problem with this situation. He feels embarrassed and like he’s letting her down. She feels like she can’t help him. And actually, they just need to both talk about how they’re feeling. It seems that they never sit down and talk to each other which is a shame as they’re really close. They’re a really loving couple. They do really love each other. This is the frustrating bit about it all is that if only they could sit down and talk to one another. Things would be so much easier and so much happier for them but they are just putting all the focus on the negative.

How do Sally and Tim feel about Dr. Gaddas recommending that they go to see a sex therapist?

Sally’s thrilled and thinks that’s a really good idea. I think Tim’s a little bit anxious about it because it means he’s going to have to open up and he’s going to have to talk in front of Sally and finds that a bit embarrassing. But I think Sally is so desperate to get to the bottom of this problem that she’s willing to try anything and everything. Whereas Tim’s just thinking, ‘It’s a lot of money. Is it worth it?’

What happens when Barbara from the Donkey Sanctuary arrives at the house?

When I read that, I was in hysterics just reading it. It was just geniously written by Ian Kershaw and I just loved it instantly. It’s an amazing scene and Ilove the fact that we’re finding comedy in something that’s quite serious. I really enjoy playing those scenes because that’s life, you do find humour in terrible things sometimes. That scene is just genius because Tim and the donkey sanctuary lady are both on a different page. Barbara comes knocking on the door and he thinks it’s a sex therapist because Sally’s gone get some biscuits and she said she’ll be back in a bit and that the sex therapist is coming. There is a knock at the door and Tim assumes it is the sex therapist and invites her, in but she is from the Donkey Sanctuary. She starts asking him how he feels about donkeys and Tim is shocked. And what was wonderful about it was the actress that played the part was perfect. Every single time she did it I had to hold myself and stop laughing because she was so good. You know, we have the comedy but the tragedy as well coming through in each scene. It’s just been probably one of my favourite storylines just because it’s just such a great balance of comedy and drama.

Do you think that has helped maybe people at home to talk about it a bit more because of the way it’s been dealt with. Do you think that’s probably helping people to open up and have conversations at home?

Yeah, I definitely do. I think the writing team have been very clever in this because if we played the whole comedy thing alone, people would have not taken it seriously. The fact that we’ve done a comedy, but also the realness of this story, I just think he’s really really important. People watching are finding it hilarious but also recognising what Sally and Tim are going through and saying Yeah, I feel like that. I don’t know how to talk about that. And maybe we should think about going to see someone or maybe we should go to our doctor. I Iike to think that Tim and Sally do make people think about what it is like at this stage of your life when the kids have gone and it is just the two of you.

How does Steve help her see things when she talks to him?

There’s a lovely scene this week where she talks to Steve in Victoria gardens. She just thinks that he’s not wanting to try but Steve is brilliant in that scene. He says, you know of all the people on the street the two people that will stay together are you and Tim. He really makes her think oh, wow, well, we have got something. I’m looking at it in the wrong way, which is what she is doing. She’s looking at it in a negative way.

In this week they go out on a date. And how does Sally feel when they’re in the restaurant and Tim is evidently seemingly more invested in what’s going on with the Bailey’s than the two of them?

He just never tells her you know, what is going on? He is distracted by them unaware that Aggie has told Tim about a row she has had with Ed. She doesn’t understand Why he’s interested in them. Sally and Tim have got these serious problems and she just wants to talk about what they’re going through, she’s giving them this opportunity for a night out when they can just talk and be together and he’s not interested. He’s more interested in Aggie and Ed. Sally is really frustrated, she’s at her wit’s end at this point.

What have people been saying to you on social media and out and about?

People just love the comedy and the great writing. I just love it when Sally and Tim go through these things. The fans are invested in the characters and they want them to be happy which is lovely to hear.

Why do you think that is? Do you think that they are very identifiable for couples of a certain age?

I hope so, they are a couple that people seem to hope will stay together forever and they’ll always be there. They are like other couples looking back at the show’s history. There’s a little bit of Jack and Vera there, a bit of Stan and Hilda. The older or middle aged couple are a staple of the street. We need to see these people just getting on with their lives with these little problems that we all deal with. Not necessarily the big problems, but just the little things that everybody can identify with. And that’s what I love about Sally and Tim and why people identify with them.

Your ultimate hope is that they can sort out their problems, but are you looking forward to a bit of drama along the way?

Oh yes, I love doing the comedy. I love it. But also it’s nice to do the drama bit as well. So yeah, I’m hoping there will be a bit of drama before the comedy comes back. If we can just do a little bit of both. I’m really happy. Yeah, just more of those sort of storylines. I’m really enjoying it.

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