Monday 4th July 2022

IT’S THE EX FACTOR FOR TYRONE AND PHILL Convinced Mimi is faking her injury Evelyn tells Fiz she thinks she is part of a plan to sabotage the wedding. When Hope’s bridesmaid dress gets covered in wine and Mimi blames Cerberus, Evelyn sees red and not just wine. As a slanging match ensues Phill’s annoyed with Fiz for not giving Mimi the benefit of the doubt over Evelyn. On the street, they are both stunned when a beautiful woman steps out of a car and introduces herself to Fiz as Camilla, Phill’s ex-wife. Phill is baffled as to why she has turned up but tells Fiz he can’t wait to marry her and Camilla is no threat. Meanwhile Tyrone does have feelings for his ex and spurred in by Kevin he decides he needs to tell Fiz how he feels before it is too late.

SPIDER PROVIDES A WELCOME DISTRACTION FOR TOYAHSpider reveals to Toyah that he and his fellow activists are planning to occupy the disused Nuttall’s Brewery building as a base for an upcoming protest. Toyah’s keen to get involved but Spider’s wary of her risking arrest while on bail. Realising there’s still a way she can help, Toyah hatches a plan to get hold of the key from the desk at the Bistro.

AUDREY RETURNS TO THE STREET AND STEPHEN INVESTS SOME TIME IN ELAINE Audrey is discharged from hospital and Gail’s perturbed when she insists on going straight to the Rovers to celebrate. When Elaine reveals she’s planning on holidaying at the Italian lakes, Gail suggests she picks Stephen’s brain. Stephen talks to a smitten Elaine about Italy and she hangs on his every word.

ED AND STEVE HIT THE ROOF Amy informs Steve of a leaky ceiling at No.1. Steve blames Jacob’s cowboy burglar mate for making a botched job of the roof repairs. Ed collars Steve and reveals that No.3’s roof is also leaking.

AARON IMPRESSES KEVIN Aaron admires a vintage car on the garage forecourt. When Kevin admits he’s struggled to diagnose the fault, Aaron reckons it’s a blown gasket. Kevin’s scathing of the uninvited opinion. But is forced to eat his words when Aaron is proved right. Aaron’s thrilled when Kevin offers to train him up as a mechanic. Aaron tells Summer that his new job means they can afford all the holiday excursions she wants and needn’t go near a beach. Delighted by the reprieve, Summer takes her insulin.

Wednesday 6th July 2022

CAMILLA BETRAYS FIZ. FIZ THINKS MIMI IS UNMASKED Evelyn is forced to apologise to Mimi and Fiz feels obliged to invite Camila to the hen night. Fiz calls at the garage and tells Tryone that she loves him but can’t trust him and will be marrying Phill. But a game of Mr and Mrs at the hen night proves Camilla knows Phill far better than Fiz does and Camilla insists that she and Phill are very much in love and he wants her back. Fiz confronts Phill about emails he has sent to Camilla, insisting he has done no such thing; the finger of suspicion falls on Mimi and Phill banishes from the house and the wedding.

AUDREY REVEALS HER WILL, WARTS AND ALL. DAVID THINKS WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY Audrey calls at No.8 with Stephen in tow and tells Gail and David that she’s updating her will and she’s calling a family meeting. David and Sarah fuss over Audrey, each hoping for a decent slice of her estate. Audrey summons Gail, Stephen, Nick, David and Sarah to the bistro where she announces that she intends to leave all her money to WARTS, the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders, in memory of Alfie.

TOYAH STRUGGLES WITH HER GRIEF BUT CAN LEANNE GETS THROUGH TO HER In the bistro, Debbie voices her suspicions about Toyah, wondering if she might have stolen the brewery key from the office. Leanne quickly leaps to her sister’s defence. When Toyah reveals that she did steal the brewery key and gave it to Spider, Leanne’s horrified and points out that she could land herself in serious trouble.

STEVE SOLVES THE ROOF PROBLEM Tracy urges Steve to hire a professional to fix the roof rather than tackle it himself. As Steve drops off his passenger, Viv, she reveals that her husband is a roofer and offers to send him round to No.1 to price up the job. Having surveyed the roof, Arnie asserts that he can start straight away but it’ll cost £3k and he needs the money up front. Steve agrees, whilst Tracy is left concerned.

ELSEWHERE A downbeat Stu shows Yasmeen a parcel and explains that it’s been returned by the new owners of his daughter’s house and now he’s no way of contacting her.

Friday 8th July 2022

WILL FIZ’S WEDDING GO WITH OR WITHOUT A HITCH? Fiz and Phill are shocked to learn that the registrar has been cancelled but manage to get things back on track.
Tyrone presents Fiz with a pair of Vera’s vintage earrings and with the wedding about to start Evelyn and Tyrone take their seats and watch as the couple prepare to take their vows. Will it all go to plan?

AUDREY PUTS HER TRUST IN STEPHEN Audrey is still furious with her family and particularly at David for trying to get power of attorney over her money. In the Rovers she tells the stunned family that she loves them and will leave them her money but to be held in trust by Stephen. When Stephen reveals that he’s moving in with Audrey at Grasmere Drive to look after her and they’ll be seeing much more of him, David’s horrified.

STU MAKES A SHOW OF HIMSELF. ZEEDAN COVERS FOR STU IN SPEED DAAL With Yasmeen having left them to run the restaurant for the day, Zeedan heads into the kitchen whilst Stu surreptitiously takes a swig from his hip flask. Zeedan heads out of the Speed Daal kitchen and is shocked to find Stu playing drinking games with a table full of rowdy lads.

SAIRA CONFRONTS TOYAH Toyah meets up with Saira in Victoria Garden and explains that she’d like some of Imran’s ashes to keep at home. But Saira reveals that she’s already buried them and she knows all about her relationship with her ex. Toyah reels as Sara accuses her of murdering Imran.

STEVE’S ROOFING NIGHTMARE GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE When Arnie the roofer fails to turn up at No.1, Tracy rails at Steve for paying him up front.John the scaffolder pulls up outside No.1 and demands payment up front. When Steve explains that he’s already paid and the scaffolding was included in the price, John’s adamant that’s not the case.

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