Monday 18th July 2022

KELLY’S DISAPPEARANCE GETS TO GARY AND MARIA Gary and Maria realise Kelly has not been home all night and when Aadi tells them she went to see another of her dad’s old clients Gary panics. Kieran gives Kelly her phone and tells her to text Gary to tell him she is fine. When Gary gets the text telling him to let her mum know she is ok he knows something is not right. Kieron tells Kelly he wants the rest of her dad’s money and calls Gary from her phone and tells him that if wants to see Kelly alive again, he needs to come up with £50k.

DEBBIE THROWS SOME MONEY AT THE SITUATION In the bistro, a stressed Debbie tells Ronnie that Ray cancelled the professional indemnity insurance. Debbie calls at the hospital with a cheque for Ed and Aggie. Aggie tells her it is not nearly enough and advises Debbie that she better hire a lawyer as they’ve already instructed Adam. Debbie and Ronnie are stunned.

KEN SEES WENDY FLAMIN’ PAPADOPOULOS (NÉE CROZIER) Wendy fills Abi in on her history with Ken. Abi urges her to go and make up with him and promises that she’ll deal with Tracy. While Abi steers Tracy to the café, Wendy calls at No.1. How will Ken react? As Abi and Tracy round the corner, Tracy’s incensed to see Wendy leaving No.1. Tracy marches over, ready for a stand-up row.

TYRONE HEARS SOME HOME TRUTHS Tyrone returns from his break with Phill and admits to Fiz that they’re no further forward as every time he tried to broach the subject of marriage, Phill became upset. Fiz and Tyrone attend their first couples’ therapy session.

ELSEWHERE Frank calls at No.11 and Sean introduces him to Dylan, but it’s soon clear they have nothing in common and Todd clocks Frank’s awkward demeanour.

Wednesday 20th July 2022

KELLY SEES ANOTHER SIDE TO GARY Maria heads to the station after being summoned by Craig whilst Garym having scraped together £24K in cash heads off to meet Kelly’s kidnapper. Is it enough? Gary meets up with Kieron and Ross in a side street and hands over the £24k. But the thugs make it clear that unless he finds the rest of the money, Kelly’s life will be hell. Gary forces his way into the cellar revealing to Kelly he had put the tracking device in the money bag, they are about to escape when Keiron arrives weidling a crowbar. A fight ensues but Kelly is shocked by how far Gary is willing to go.

PHILL’S NEITHER AN OFFICER NOR A GENTLEMAN. TYRONE’S LEFT SIMPLY RED FACED When Fiz lets slip over coffee at Roys that she likes a man in uniform Phill calls at the factory dressed as Richard Gear from ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ and to Fiz’s horror, attempts to lift her up, but his back goes and he drops her. Fiz is mortified. Fiz helps Phill into A&E and explains to the receptionist that he’s hurt his back. In the waiting room, Phill admits defeat and promises he’ll sign the annulment forms.

AUDREY DOESN’T WANT A PARTY. DAVID’S SURPRISE BACKFIRES When Gail reveals that she’s booked a table for a family meal to celebrate Audrey’s birthday, David reveals that he too has planned a nice surprise for Audrey. But Audrey asserts that a meal with the family is the last thing she wants and she won’t be attending. Can they change her mind?

SEAN SEES THE REAL FRANK Sean cajoles Frank into accompanying him to watch Dylan play in a football match, but it’s clear he’s not happy about it.

ELSEWHERE Debbie calls at No.3 and offers Ed £30k by way of compensation. Aggie makes it clear she’s got two weeks to pay up.

Friday 22nd July 2022

PHILL DASHES FIZ’S ANNULMENT HOPES Fiz confirms that she’s meeting Phill in the café as he’s promised to sign the annulment form today. But he is shocked when he asks her to go to a couple’s therapy session with him, and even more shocked when it turns out to be the same therapist she and Tyrone are seeing. Evelyn decides to have a chat with Phill but he is distracted when he realises he left his phone at the therapist – the very one who is currently sat chatting to Tyrone and Fiz. The therapist makes it clear that she’s not impressed with their lies and deceit. Suddenly there’s a knock on the surgery door and Phill appears, looking for his phone. Will he sign the annulment form? After some wise words from Evelyn it looks like he will, but a farewell chat with Hope puts a different light on things.

AUDREY HAS AN UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY Audrey is underwhelmed by her birthday meal and as the family take her to show her their surprise she discovers that they’ve signed a rental agreement with Debbie and her old salon is now hers again. Later Gail calls Audrey, worried that she didn’t seem herself earlier. Audrey assures her that it’s nothing a good night’s sleep won’t put right and fails to mention that she’s lying in a hospital bed.

STU STEWS ABOUT HIS PAST. YASMEEN MAKES STU’S DECISION FOR HIM When Zeedan takes a call from a mate inviting him to Athens for a week, Stu offers to cover for him and reveals that he has his own happy memories of Athens. When Stu enthuses about the family holidays he had in Athens, Yasmeen implores him not to give up on his daughter, but to try and track her down. Yasmeen confides in Zeedan that she’s taken it upon herself to try and trace Stu’s daughter.

ABI HAS GOOD NEWS FOR KEVIN Kevin sets about tidying the house for Abi’s visit and tells Jack he hasn’t time to help him with his leavers’ presentation speech. Jack feels left out. Abi and Alfie visit Kevin and Jack at No.13. When Abi reveals that if all goes to plan they can move back in next week, Kevin’s overcome with emotion.

KELLY WANTS ANSWERS FROM GARY In the flat, a shaky Kelly questions Gary about his intention to kill Kieron. Gary assures her that he was simply protecting her and there was nothing more to it. Kelly tells Aadi she’s sorry she stood him up but something happened and she’d like to try again.

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