With Liam now aware of Leyla’s drug problem the question is will he stand by her or stand aside following her overdose? Liam and Leyla have already been through a traumatic 12 months having lost his daughter Leanna to serial killer Meena and then getting shot.

Next week, Back home from hospital, Leyla panics when Liam reads a demanding text from Callum. Her fears deepen when she realises he already knows about the stashed drugs. Liam is left stressed and worried when Leyla admits just how deep in trouble she is with her dealer.

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At the Woolpack, Suzy steels herself when Cain arrives and they head out to confront Callum. In a lay-by, Suzy returns Callum’s drugs and gives him a stern warning to stay away from Leyla.

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Later on Cain confirms to Liam that the drugs have been dealt with. Liam tells Leyla but is disgusted when Leyla is still obsessing over the holdall of drugs. Questioning their marriage Liam slams out, leaving Leyla full of despair and self-loathing.

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday August 8 on ITV.