It’s a secret that was going to get exposed sooner or later and despite Amelia (Daisy Campbell)’s determination that Dan isn’t to find out yet next week things get out of hand and he is hit with multiple shocks.

‘I think deep down she would’ reveals Daisy when our Emmerdale insider asked if she would have liked Noah to be the baby’s dad. ‘I think now she’s got this connection with Noah, she’s kind of deep down wishing that it is him because he’s there more than this other person.’

After Amelia receives disappointing exam results Harriet and Dan over compensate and Harriet ends up revealing the truth about Noah and Amelia which leaves Dan utterly shocked.

Daisy spilled the beans on how this all comes out: ‘Cathy’s in the year below Amelia at school so Sampson takes Cathy to the prom. And I do go there but not feeling up to it because Amelia doesn’t want to show the bump in the dress. I end up getting into a feud with Noah because he ends up saying something to someone else. And it ends up causing drama between Noah and Amelia. We’re kicking off and it’s then just shouted out there. At this point Amelia is feeling horrible but a sense of relief the burden of the secret finally off her shoulders.’

Bob has to physically restrain Dan from attacking Noah. But Daisy says: ‘She’s really not that shocked, but I think mainly it’s just something that they she saw coming’.

Asked how she is preparing for the birth scenes Daisy let us know: I’ve watched a lot of underage pregnancy birth videos, and I’ve watched a lot of One Born Every Minute, but more of the teen ones because I feel like that’s what my storylines created mostly round.

I think this will bring happiness [to Amelia], and maybe a little bit more drama as well because we all love a bit of drama!

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