During next week’s visit to the Cobbles of Coronation Street, viewers will see Kelly Neelan and Aadi Alahan get a little closer.

It all starts between Kelly and Aadi when someone called Ellie from the Gazette calls into the Bistro promoting a ‘Win A Dream Wedding’ competition leading to Kelly making out that she and Aadi are planning a wedding. Kelly is quick to assure Aadi that they won’t actually get married, but they will enjoy the holiday.

As Kelly explains to Aadi that part of the qualifying process they have to take part in a Mr & Mrs quiz. However, as Kelly and Aadi ask each other questions, they each admit the same thing. Aadi then leans in for a kiss, but after their moment, Aadi presents Kelly with his Mum’s engagement ring leaving Kelly smitten. For some reason, I am loving this pairing.

However, as Kelly and Aadi meet up at a hotel bar with Ellie to take part in the quiz as they fail to answer the questions correctly, Aadi is quick to reveal that they belong together as Ellie reckons the readers are going to love them.

As they arrive back on the cobbles, Asha clocks Kelly’s engagement ring to which later sees her confront her brother who assures her that he and Kelly aren’t actually engaged and are pretending to win a holiday.

Having overheard what Aadi said to his twin sister, Asha she quickly chucks the ring at Aadi – jumping in his car she speeds away. With Aadi borrowing his sister’s old princess bike, he sets down the ginnel. However, it is not long before Aadi comes across his car that has crashed into a bollard, but will Kelly be ok? I know Kelly is leaving, but I really hope Kelly gets a little bit more of a happy ending or at least a little less misery.

Also this week, Aadi announces that he has passed his driving test which sees Dev delighted giving his son the keys to a car.

Stu apologises to Kelly, about time Stu – Kelly has done nothing but help and support you like you did her.

You can watch these episodes of Coronation Street between Monday 22nd – Friday 26th August on ITV at 8pm.

(Pictures: ITV)