So it’s known Mackenzie isn’t the most loved character in the Emmerdale fandom but to me even this seems a storyline that wasn’t needed (since when was any of his stories actually wanted) as next week Emmerdale kicks off yet ANOTHER cheating storyline. Cheating, Mackenzie and probably ANOTHER baby storyline – all of the things sure to make you yawn in annoyance.

Mackenzie struggles to think of a way to tell Charity his true feelings about having children and decides to take her to a wellness retreat.

On the retreat, Charity and Mack’s foray into mediation is disastrous as they ditch the session, laughing as they do. As they start to kiss, Charity worries that they haven’t been intimate since they lost the baby. Pouncing on the opportunity, Mack shares that he wants to try for another baby.

When Charity storms off, Mack knows he’s mucked it up. Mackenzie and Charity are left at a stalemate when she calls him out for being insensitive about trying for another baby. Charity’s adamant a baby is off the table but Mack refuses to give up on the idea.

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Unable to settle their differences, Mackenzie is hurt when wretched Charity insists that if he wants to have a baby, it won’t be with her; she directs him to go and scatter his seed elsewhere.

Later, after opening up to Moira, Charity is intent on fixing things with Mack unaware he’s in bed with a mysterious woman.

Later, a rather sheepish Mackenzie returns home and Mackenzie’s surprised when Charity doesn’t rule out another baby in the future. The two are reunited but a dark cloud looms over Mackenzie…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.

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