Monday 29 August 2022 @ 7.30pm on ITV

  • Writer – Dawn Harrison
  • Director – Jane Ashmore

Amelia’s warmed by Noah’s support who’s determined to be there for her. Amelia smiles when she and Noah make their relationship official. Worried that Dan will never accept Noah, she asks him to run away with her to London.

Nate and Naomi flirt and enjoy each other’s company.

Chas is frustrated when Faith remains in denial about dealing with the effects of her cancer.

Tuesday 30 August 2022 @ 7.30pm on ITV

  • Writer – Julie Parsons
  • Director – Jane Ashmore

Amelia is devastated when Noah decides not to join her in London but remains hellbent on going through with it. Can Noah convince her to stay? However, Dan pales when Charles informs him he’s overheard Amelia’s plan to do a runner and he’s panicked she’s already gone through with it when a bus pulls away from the village…

When Ethan and Marcus invite them to a barbecue that night, they agree to tag along. Charles puts Naomi’s name forward for work at the Cafe. Manpreet’s secretly filled with dread when Charles persuades her to attend a barbeque Naomi will be at. At the BBQ, Naomi’s annoyed when Charles meddles in her relationship with Nate. Charles is stung when Naomi tells him it’s too late for fatherly advice. The niceties don’t last long before Manpreet puts her foot down with Naomi.

Chas is ridden with guilt when Al hands her two burner phones; confirmation that their affair is officially back on.

Wednesday 31 August 2022 @ 7.30pm on ITV

  • Writer – Joanna Ebuwa
  • Writer – Paul Roundell
  • Director – Jane Ashmore

Vying for a job at the Cafe, Naomi’s reassured when Amelia gives her advice on how to win Brenda over and Naomi’s surprised when she gets offered a job.

Faith’s emotional when Bear finds the Christmas cards she’s writing in case she doesn’t make it.

Mackenzie struggles to think of a way to tell Charity his true feelings about having children and decides to take her to a wellness retreat.

Thursday 1 September 2022 @ 7.30pm on ITV

  • Writer – Lesley Clare O’Neill
  • Director – Kevin Boyle

Dan moves back into Dale Head but is a little sad to be moving out. Harriet is shocked when Dan instinctively goes to kiss her. Realising Dan likes her, Harriet’s awkward and leaves as Dan is left kicking himself.

Nate and Naomi’s flirtatious banter continues as he drops her off for her first day at work and Naomi settles well into her new job. However, Nicola’s spooked when she recognises Naomi’s voice and trainers from the day of her attack….

Sandra plants another seed of doubt in Liv’s mind as she continues to push Vinny and Gabby ever closer. Sandra’s irked when Liv shows no signs of jealousy in the face of their banter.

On the retreat, Charity and Mack’s foray into mediation is disastrous as they ditch the session, laughing as they do. As they start to kiss, Charity worries that they haven’t been intimate since they lost the baby. Pouncing on the opportunity, Mack shares that he wants to try for another baby. When Charity storms off, Mack knows he’s mucked it up. Mackenzie and Charity are left at a stalemate when she calls him out for being insensitive about trying for another baby. Charity’s adamant a baby is off the table but Mack refuses to give up on the idea.

Unable to settle their differences, Mackenzie is hurt when wretched Charity insists that if he wants to have a baby, it won’t be with her; she directs him to go and scatter his seed elsewhere. Later, after opening up to Moira, Charity is intent on fixing things with Mack unaware he’s in bed with a mysterious woman.

(Pictures/Videos: ITV)

Friday 2 September 2022 @ 7.30pm on ITV

  • Writer – Jane Pearson
  • Director – Kevin Boyle

Sandra attempts to ply Vinny and Gabby with drinks. Vinny’s embarrassed as Sandra goes into detail on her love life. Feigning ignorance towards Liv’s asexuality, Sandra continues to pish her agenda in the hope Vinny will crack.

Harriet starts to see Dan in a new light when Bernice says she could do a lot worse.

Later, sheepish Mackenzie returns home and Mackenzie’s surprised when Charity doesn’t rule out another baby in the future. The two are reunited but a dark cloud looms over Mackenzie…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.