Monday 19th September

KELLY PLOTS HER REVENGE AGAINST GARY As Kelly stews over Gary she approaches Todd and, making out that she’s acting on behalf of a friend, asks him if he’s got any dodgy contacts. Todd asserts she’d be best to go to the police. Called to the station to identify her kidnapper, Craig shows Kelly some photos, including one of Kieron, but Kelly makes out she’s never seen him before. Craig’s frustrated while outside the police station, Kelly approaches Kieron and offers him £10k to kill Gary. Will he agree? 

THERE’S A HOLE IN STEPHEN’S PLAN When a panicky David reveals he thinks the sinkhole in the garden is opening up again the Platts plan to move out while Leo conducts a full survey. When Audrey suggests they can all stay with her, Leo clocks Stephen’s unease. Leo confides in Jenny that he finds Stephen rather odd, as if he’s hiding something. Jenny masks her anxiety but has Leo stumbled on something more? 

HAYLEY’S COAT GOES WALKABOUT Desperate for some extra cash, Bernie persuades Nina to let her give the flat a good clean for Roy’s birthday. Finding a box of old clothes, Bernie suggests they donate them to charity. However Nina fails to spot Hayley’s red anorak in the box! How will Roy react on discovering the anorak is gone? 

Wednesday 21st September

KELLY HAS A CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE Kelly tells Aadi she’s booked their tickets to Bangkok, but fails to mention they’re one way. At the bistro Kelly’s overcome with emotion as their engagement party takes place. As Rick appears in Kelly’s thoughts, Gary offers some heartfelt words about Kelly and how much they love her being a part of their family. With hate burning in her eyes, Kelly tells Gary that she knows he murdered her Dad and runs out of the bistro. Gary goes after her and to his horror, finds her standing with Kieron next to a van. As Gary’s knocked unconscious and thrown in the van, Kelly tells Kieron he’ll get the rest of his money once Gary is dead. But as the van speeds away, Kelly wonders what she’s done. Kieron and his sidekick, Al, lead Gary through the woods to the very place where he killed Rick and pointing a gun at him, order him to dig his own grave.

AUDREY FEARS SHE’S BEING RIPPED OFF Having paid for their spa day, Stephen checks that Audrey and Gail have left. As he makes out he enjoyed a night in a posh hotel, Leo wonders why he’s lying. Audrey arrives back from the spa day early and reveals she found a valuer from the estate agents at her house, who told her that Stephen made the appointment.  Stephen’s thrown whilst Leo listens, intrigued. Can Stephen talk himself out of this one? And will Leo reveal what he knows about Stephen as the two men come to blows? 

ROY ROPES EVELYN INTO HELPING HIM When Evelyn presents Roy with a model train for his birthday, Roy recognises it as his own. Realising that the train must have come from the same charity shop where Hayley’s anorak is residing, Evelyn orders Roy to fire up the Woody.

Friday 23rd September

KELLY’S LIFE HANDS IN THE BALANCE Alerting Aadi, Gary explains that Kelly’s in danger and they need to track her phone and go after her. Outside a disused mill, Kieron leads Kelly onto the roof and reveals his plan to kill her and frame her for Gary’s murder, making it look like murder-suicide. Kelly pales. Spotting Kieron’s van, Gary and Aadi are aghast to see Kelly on the roof. As Kieron goes to push Kelly off the roof, Gary suddenly appears, telling Kieron to kill him instead. As the gun goes off, who has been shot? 

STEPHEN’S LIES BRING TROUBLE TO HIS DOOR David threatens to call the police but Stephen stops him. As Leo storms out Jenny follows him, a lot of explaining to do! David quizzes Stephen about why he spent the night in his car and why the valuer turned up at Audrey’s house. However they’re interrupted mid row by a knock at the door, Stephen’s heart sinks to see Gabrielle there. Will she reveal all? Leo tells Stephen that it’s clear he’s lying to his family and lying about his financial situation and he intends to find out why.

EVELYN GETS THE WRONG COAT Evelyn marches into the charity shop and rips the anorak from Joy’s back. As Evelyn heads out, Joy’s left bewildered. How will Roy react when Evelyn returns with the anorak? 

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.