Amy Walsh (Tracy Metcalfe) said:

“It was lovely to be invited back for the 50th. When I was going on maternity leave Jane (Hudson), the executive producer, mentioned it was all happening around August and September and said if I wanted to be a part of it to let her know but when it came to it I just wasn’t ready to come back full time. She very kindly offered to write me in and back out again so I didn’t have to cut my maternity leave short but I still didn’t miss out on the 50th celebrations so it was win-win!

It’s been really lovely seeing everyone again and being able to bring Bonnie into work to meet everyone as we’re based in London now, so haven’t been back before now. It’s also lovely to be back with all the covid restrictions finally lifted as it was very different the last time I was here.

So it’s a brief return for now like I said but a lot happens for Tracy in a small amount of time. She has some news for Nate but when she sees him it’s not as easy to tell him as she may have thought. Her and Vanessa get to spend some quality time together too which has been a long time coming.”

Elizabeth Estensen (Diane Sugden) said:

“I was really pleased to be asked to come back to Emmerdale to celebrate its 50th. It’s sort of the same but not the same. There’s a lot of people that I still know that I was really pleased to see again. I can’t say I have enjoyed having to rush for a train again though!

Diane has a great time catching up with people in the village but she has come back especially to see Faith whom she was great friends with. Who knows she may return again one day!”

Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle) said:

“It was an honour that they wanted me to come and say, ‘happy birthday’ to the show. It’s been really nice getting back and seeing everyone. There’s a lot of new faces and lots of old faces, and it’s been nice to get to know them and catch up with people that I’ve not seen for over a year. “

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV

By Eastieoaks

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