How do you feel now that the secret has finally been revealed on screen?
When I first found out that Bridget was the murderer I was shocked beyond belief! I’ve seen some people say that it’s been a great storyline and some people feel like it’s cracked on a bit but I think that it’s worked really well because it’s more like real life this way, things don’t get settled in days and weeks, it can take months. I was surprised that it was Bridget but I thought it was a great storyline idea. 

What reaction have you seen from the audience?
I thought it was a really lovely twist and I loved it personally, because I feel like a lot of people guessed that it was the ex wife, Lucy, because she seemed to have more of a motive. 

What was going through Stu’s mind during Bridget’s shocked confession?

Stu wasn’t expecting this bombshell at all, it’s an immense shock for him, to be blindsided completely. He also feels tremendous hurt that his daughter that he loves and his wife have just let him take the blame and not even confess to him. He feels anger especially towards his ex wife Lucy. The most heartbreaking thing for Stu is that if they had told him, he still would have taken the blame for his daughter but at least he would have known what was going on and if he had known he could have pleaded guilty and he would have got parole which means he would have spent less time in prison and he still would have protected his daughter. That is the biggest hurt for him.

Did Stu ever suspect Bridget?
He has never considered it ever. Would there have been a thought in his head about his ex wife, Lucy, being guilty? I doubt it, he never thought it would be someone from his family so it makes Bridget’s confession even more of a complete shock. 

If Stu had known Bridget was guilty all those years ago, he says that he still would have taken the blame for her. Why would he still have gone to prison for her?
Although Bridget was 14 years old at the time, Stu feels very responsible for what she did because he was the one having the affair. He feels the guilt of this and it’s a massive weight on his shoulders. He still wants to save Bridget from the pain of that.

Why does Stu decide to let things lie?
Firstly, Stu feels like he finally has his family now, he sees his daughter and he sees his granddaughter. He even has an agreement with Lucy, even though she is pretty awful, and she is letting him have more involvement with the family. He finally has all that he wants and that is more important than anything to him. Secondly, he can’t bear the thought of his daughter going to jail because he has a granddaughter now, who is going to look after her? He feels like it would be heartbreaking for an 11 year old to lose her mum for a crime that he feels like justice has already been served. He feels like he has done the time himself on behalf of Bridget so why should she serve time? He knows legally that is not right but that’s how he feels.

Does Stu feel like this is closure for what has happened to him and that this is the end of the situation or is he scared for what will happen next?
He is very scared about what to do and what will happen next because he knows straight away that although he served the time, it is still a crime now. He is going to constantly worry about Bridget’s secret coming out. All he knows is that Bridget is a woman who has never been in prison, it’s not an easy regime and he knows that. 

What does he think will happen next?

There are no winners in this situation and he doesn’t know what will happen next but after Bridget’s confession, he feels like he has ruined his granddaughter’s life by opening this tin of worms. He now just wants to let people think he is a murderer because this whole situation has caused him a lot of pain and still does.

How would Stu feel if someone else told the police about Bridget after he has decided to let things lie?
He would be absolutely furious because it’s his life, it’s his daughter, no one else’s, and he knows the consequences and he doesn’t want those consequences to happen to Bridget. He would be livid at Alya because he told Alya to drop the case and she continued behind his back. It could threaten his relationship with Yasmeen and the Nazirs because Stu is living at their house so it would be a very difficult and tense situation living in the same house as someone you feel has let you down badly.  

What advice would you give to Stu?

That’s a tough one, I would rely on the Corrie writers to give him advice haha! At the moment I don’t think he would listen to any advice, he is just so hurt. He must think to himself, “Is my life cursed?” 

Coronation Street continues at 8pm on ITV.

By Eastieoaks

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