Is Daisy feeling settled in her relationship with Daniel now or does she still struggle with the ghost of Sinead?

I think she is feeling settled, as much as Daisy can feel settled, because at the end of the day she’s a deeply insecure person but it is something she’s working on.

How does she feel about the idea of moving into his flat that he once shared with Sinead?

It’s not a place that she wants to live in, Rob and I often joke that the place is literally a Sinead shrine, there are about 11 pictures of Sinead, the hallway is full of all her sewing things, her stuff is literally everywhere so I don’t think it’s something Daisy would want to wake up to every day, it’s all a bit much for her.

Does she see them building a future together or is this more a bit of fun for her?

It’s definitely more than that now, she’s definitely in love with him and she sees them building a future together, she’d just like them to have a fresh start somewhere. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s constantly in Sinead’s shadow.

How does she react when Bertie calls her mum, is she ready for that?

She is shocked, although I guess it’s sort of inevitable because that is the role that she’s been taking on but I think it’s happened sooner than she thought it was going to. For Daisy she initially deals with it quite well, she does get a bit freaked out afterwards but that’s understandable, it’s a big commitment when she’s only 24.

She has a chat with Jenny about the commitment, does it scare her or does it make her realise what she wants?

It freaks her out a little bit but the fact it doesn’t send her running for the hills I think shows us that she is prepared to take it on. She realises with Bertie starting to feel this way it’s make or break.

So how do they end up moving into the Barlows?

As always with Daniel and Daisy it’s a lot of miscommunication, she is trying to say I want to move into your big fancy house with you but because she doesn’t flat out say it, he manages to misconstrue it as we should all have a fresh start in the pub. So then he gets someone to take his room in the flat and magically on moving day they don’t seem to have discussed it fully and they end up homeless before poor old Ken witnesses them having a barney in the street and offers up No.1, much to Tracy’s disgust.

How does Daisy feel about that?

She’d rather live at No.1 than nowhere but there are so many people living in that house that it does feel overcrowded. They’re basically sleeping in the lounge and as much as she loves her boyfriend she doesn’t want to live with his entire family!

What about you, are you excited to be moving into one of the street’s most iconic houses and working with more of the Barlows?

I’m super excited because I’ve been waiting for all the Barlow family dinners and to explore the Daisy/Tracy relationship in particular since she got with Daniel. They’re both bold characters and I think they’ll clash. 100% they’re going to clash, I think it could be a very comedic relationship, it’s kind of like looking in the mirror. I think there are probably many of Tracy’s traits mirrored in Daisy, it may be they can’t get on for a while but in the end they could find some common ground. 

Do you think Daisy and Daniel are well suited? Do opposites attract?

I do think they are suited, the chemistry is there and opposites clearly do attract but the same problems keep coming up, I don’t know how much they’re overcoming these and growing. But then they’re not able to stay away from each other so it is what it is, every couple has flaws but their hearts are in the right place and I do think that they’re good together.

Daisy loves Daniel but hadn’t planned on living with the entire family (Picture: ITV)

Is there anyone else better suited to Daisy on the street, do you think we could ever see her stray?

No definitely not at the moment, maybe if they bring some fresh blood in then we’ll see but at the minute there’s no one else for Daisy.

You’ve been here for two years now do you feel settled, do you enjoy playing Daisy?

Yes I do, it was difficult to start off with joining during Covid, especially when you play a character who’s meant to rub people up the wrong way, to then add in all those restrictions and things you can’t do wasn’t ideal. My first year was during the peak of Covid, there was no hair, no makeup, the 2 metre rule, you couldn’t touch your props, so all your tools as an actor were taken away. So being back in storyline now is wonderful, Daisy does rub people up the wrong way and she wasn’t instantly likeable but that’s what made me like her, I like characters that are frosty on the outside and then it’s about figuring out why they are that way and what makes them tick and how to humanise them, that’s what I enjoy. I’m drawn to the characters you’re not meant to like but I will find a way to make you like her.

Do you like her, would you be friends?

Yeah, I imagine she’s one of those friends you’d have a fair few rows with but as long as she’s got friends around her who call her out on her behaviour then I think that’s fine. She just needs to be kept in line a bit.

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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