Emotional scenes a-plenty tonight as the storm passed and loved ones were finally reunited, Kim and Will hit the rocks and a new baby was born.

Ethan, Manpreet and Naomi were worried about the lack of communication from Charles.

Emmerdale could have done with a Big Brother style voice over from Marcus Bentley ‘Day 2984 and Amelia is STILL in labor, say what you like about other stories being rushed – this was one that was long and drawn out.

While Bob was delighted to see Wendy again she came with the grim news that yes Sam was alive he was very badly injured. Liv, however, hadn’t been so lucky and was dead.

The news hit hard that Liv was gone (Picture: ITV)

It was nice for Emmerdale to actually have this play out on screen and not just skip over it to the point where everyone knows and we miss their reactions.

Aaron was heartbroken so took it out on Chas who once again was comforted by Al, and once again, seen by Aaron as he left the pub. He gave her both barrels and wished it had been her that died.

It was goodbye to Tracy who after a short stint was off again to Nottingham. Hope Amy Walsh is back soon as this visit felt very underwhelming. Speaking of returns Diane was not going to let the storm damage defeat her, and promised to rebuild.

Nothing defeats Diane (Picture: ITV)

Any hope for Will and Kim in the long term? I doubt it to be honest. A couple I enjoyed tonight after moaning the other day was Nicola and Charles – now how long do we give it before the inevitable affair begins?

Even characters I don’t really like such as Kerry actually had decent scenes tonight. Her scenes at the hospital with Dan I enjoyed more than every scene she has with Al.

The more Paddy and Mandy I see the more I want them to back together.

Paddy and Mandy affair, when? (Picture: ITV)

Where is Samson? his phone smashed and seemingly dropped in the middle of nowhere and no sign of him – will be ok? or are the Dingles about to suffer MORE heartache?

Jeff Hordley proving once again why I love this side of Cain. He’s always been a big of a thug but Emmerdale has really opened up this whole other side to his character and from the emotional scenes with Faith last week to those with Aaron tonight it proves that you can keep your storms and stunts. Give us characters we can sympathise with and whose pain we feel when they are hurting and it’s worth so much more than a stunt.

More please (Picture: ITV)

Overall a solid episode tonight and much better than some this week – Will Samson be found? as a missing resident causes concern tomorrow only time will tell if the storm has claimed 1 last victim.