With Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) leaving Emmerdale next week after 3 years Emmerdale look set to, possibly, add another body to the list of their dead. After so many villagers dying recently Hotten funeral services must be doing well. Anyway, this post is speculative based on ideas, snippets from interviews already out there and the fact we know Emmerdale promised a ‘big cliff-hanger ending’ to the 50th month.

Having an affair with a Dingle meant that we knew Al was never going to be leaving the show quitely and this Cain/Al fued which HAD gone quiet was only a secret away from exploding.

Will it be Belle?

Belle is one of the few people who know of the affair Al and Chas had, and despite Chas promising to end it we know she hasn’t. Could Belle learn the truth from Cain that the affair is still on-going and finally put a dead end stop to Al once and for all?

Belle has been lied to by Chas over the affair – could she turn killer? (Picture: ITV)

Could it be Aaron?

Almost as soon as Aaron came back to the village he spotted Al and Chas together and was disgusted by the affair. Chas seemingly doesn’t care that Aaron wants to leave the village, if only to hide the truth from everyone – most notably, Paddy.

Aaron has already given Al a warning, and a whack, telling him that he would ‘bury him’ if he didn’t stay away from Chas.

With Danny Miller exiting the show after his short comeback, will Aaron be going on the run as a killer?

Will Aaron follow through on his threat to kill Al? (Picture: ITV)

Could it be Priya?

Fiona Wade is another actress leaving Emmerdale and Priya and Al both have a lot of history together, even growing closer again earlier this year.

Al and Priya split after Priya cheated with Debbie Dingle.

Could a moment of rage after finding Al has cheated again on ANOTHER woman lead to her pulling the trigger? (Picture: ITV)

Could it be Kyle?

Kyle might be the most unlikely but he has been used throughout Cain and Al’s fued to point score against the other.

At the start of the year Cain even found Al watching Kyle sleep in his hospital room and then threatened him if Cain didn’t stop playing games – sick man.

Kyle has been featuring more in the show recently and could he stumble upon Al and Cain’s fight and be the one to kill Al?

Will Emmerdale go down the road of a killer kid? (Picture: ITV)

LeedsLive spoke to Andy Moore who plays PC Swirling who said

The dad-of-three, from Ashton-under-Lyne, near Manchester, next appears in Emmerdale, on November 3, when viewers can expect a real curveball. Andy said the script could have ‘knocked him down with a feather’.

Andy says: “Whatever viewers think, it will be something else… They are not going to believe what’s coming.”

Metro also teased: ‘When we get to the end of October it might be the end of our celebrations but we will be ending that month with a storyline which kicks off a whole new story and potentially sees one of our characters looking at spending the rest of their life in jail’

Having Cain simply kill Al is too straightforward, too easy, and soooo not what Emmerdale does.