TYRONE HITS OUT AT THE JOURNALIST Adam and Fiz meet up with the publisher and she implores her to remove Hope’s name from the book. In the garage, Tyrone finds a leaflet advertising a Q&A session about the John Stape book. Tyrone enters the hotel room where the Q&A session is in full swing. When the journalist suggests to the audience that Fiz was complicit in her husband’s crimes, Tyrone sees red, climbs on the stage and slaps him round the face. The hotel manager calls the police. Adam tells Fiz that Tyrone’s been arrested for assaulting the journalist who wrote the book. Fiz begs the journalist not to press charges against Tyrone, will she be able to save Tyrone’s skin? The police let Tyrone go without charge and reveal that Fiz talked the journalist round. Fiz and Tyrone have a blazing row. Fiz shows him a video of him punching the journalist and tells him it’s gone viral and as a result, they’ve brought the launch date forward to the end of the week.

SAM SEEKS AN ALTERNATIVE ROUTE TO HARVEY In the café, Sam explains to Roy how he’s been reading about restorative justice, that he wants to visit Harvey in prison and wonders if he’d go with him as Nick refuses. Roy tells Nick. Leanne urges Nick to consider letting Sam visit Harvey as it might give him closure, what will Nick decide? 

BILLY FEARS HE HAS PUSHED SUMMER AWAY Todd calls at the flat and is shocked to find Summer’s moving out. In the Rovers, Billy admits to Todd that he’s been far too overbearing with Summer. Todd tells Summer that Billy’s really hurt. Summer tells Billy how much she loves him and how she’ll miss living with him.  

ELSEWHERE At No.1, Tracy begs Amy not to move out, but her mind is made up. Amy and Jacob move into the builder’s yard flat with Summer and Aaron. Max and Daryan start their new jobs at Speed Daal. Max bumps into Daryan causing him to drop a pile of cutlery. As Max tells Lauren about his first shift at Speed Daal. Lauren suggests they’re showing favouritism towards Daryan.


TYRONE AND FIZ BREAK THE NEWS TO HOPE Adam tells Fiz and Tyrone that he’s spoken with a libel barrister who is happy to take on the case, but there’s no guarantee they’ll win and their costs alone will be £100k.  Fiz and Tyrone break the news to Hope that the book will be published and they couldn’t afford to stop it. Hope rails at Fiz and Tyrone for failing to protect her. The police call at No.9 and after explaining that they’ve had a number of complaints about the video, arrest Tyrone on suspicion of assault. Fiz calls at No.5 and tells Chesney about Tyrone’s arrest. Hope announces that she wants to stay with Chesney. Is the family falling apart? 

LAUREN GETS INSIDE MAX’S HEAD Lauren goes to Speed Daal to see Max. Alya offers them dinner with a staff discount and Max is made up but Lauren makes out she doesn’t feel well and heads out. At Griff’s flat, Lauren lies to Max that Daryan was coming onto her. 

BERNIE COMES FACE TO FACE WITH FERN’S EX HUSBAND Bernie opens a letter and it’s the date for her plea hearing. Bernie tells Dev she intends to track her down. Bernie pulls up outside a country club, dressed as Fern. Bernie tries to dupe the receptionist into revealing Fern’s home address, but to no avail. Howard, a club member, approaches Bernie wondering who she is.  When Bernie makes out she’s Fern Lindon, Howard reveals that Fern is his ex-wife. Bernie explains to Howard that Fern framed her for a robbery.  Howard reveals that Fern’s a con-artist.  Bernie begs him to help her, what will he decide to do? 


GRIFF GIVES MAX AN ‘EDUCATION’ Max calls at Griff’s flat and Griff orders Max to watch a film as it’s time he was properly educated. Griff offers him £200 to promote a talk he’s giving at the community centre. How will Max feel?

FIZ IS FACED WITH A SPECTRE FROM THE PAST Tyrone explains to Fiz how he bought up all the stock from the local bookshop, including the cutout in a bid to stop people reading the book. As Hope lets herself in, Fiz and Tyrone freeze. Fiz hides the John Stape books from Hope while Tyrone distracts her in the hallway. In the backyard of No.9, a sulky Hope kicks open the door of the outhouse and is stunned to see a cardboard cutout of her real Dad and a stack of books, how will Hope react?

SUMMER ADMITS TO KEEPING BILLY IN THE DARK Mike and Esther call on Summer and Aaron. When Billy calls at the flat, Summer panics, is the game up for Summer? 

ELSEWHERE Dee-Dee calls at No.6 to collect Stu for his court hearing. An exhausted Stu returns home and tells Yasmeen that his conviction was overturned but if Eliza is to live with him, he’ll have to move out as she needs her own room. 

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