The pressure that is Al’s affair with Chas continues to simmer and sooner or latter that is going to blow up in her face as next week Belle (one of the few that know) is suspicious….

Wednesday 7 December

Gabby is determined to rise to the challenge when Kim suggests her for an important meeting with Darren regarding the planned Stud Farm, but she makes an embarrassing mistake and is soon irritated when Dawn impresses Kim. Soon Kim encourages Dawn to be ambitious.

Meanwhile, Rhona’s stunned to hear Kim’s opening a stud farm furious at her deceit. Kim offers Dawn a job-share with Gabby which firmly puts Gabby’s nose out. 

Moira and Amy have returned from Belfast and the atmosphere is frosty; Matty is still upset that Moira and Amy had kept the Kyle’s secret from him. Amy insists their relationship is over, determined to make Kyle her priority. Amy’s determined to clear Moira’s name with Chloe. Amy tells Chloe to shut down her investigation for Kerry’s sake. Finally, Chloe agrees but is hurt when Amy tells her to move out. With nowhere to turn, Chloe informs her sister she’s pregnant. Will Amy change her mind about kicking her out?

Later, Matty’s heartfelt apology softens Amy and the pair reconcile. Amy updates Moira and Mackenzie on her reconciliation with Matty and that Chloe’s stopped investigating Al but Chloe’s pregnant, Mack squirms; relieved none of them know he’s the father. At the Barn, Kyle makes a memorial for Al in the barn clearly tormented by what he did. 

Thursday 8 December

Charity updates Belle on Chloe’s antics. When she teases Chas about cheating on Paddy, Belle’s immediately suspicious of Chas’ cagey reaction.

Pollard’s disgruntled David’s gambling rather than manning the shop. 

The next day the rivalry for the choir auditions has not abated. Cathy panics as she watches Ethan belt out Mariah Carey. April’s concerned when Cathy breaks down onstage. Confused, Bob worries for his daughter.

Chas denies her relationship with Al to a suspicious Belle. 

The following day,  Moira nervously awaits her prison visitation with Cain. Cain’s worried how quickly their secret is spreading. Meanwhile in the barn Matty’s puzzled to find a small collection of rocks placed in the middle of the barn and realises Kyle is creating a memorial for Al  When Moira moots finding Al’s real mistress, Cain doesn’t admit it’s Chas. Moira is unaware he knows the identity. 

Later, Matty tells Moira and Amy about Kyle’s memorial to Al, worried it’s too soon for him to return to school. 

Friday 9 December

Mack and Vinny discuss strategy in the cafe ahead of the poker game with Darren. Vinny relishes the idea of his next game. But could it end in tears?

Marlon prepares to return to work at the Woolpack.

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