Speaking about the new Weatherfield Precinct unveiling, Coronation Street Producer Iain MacLeod has shared his thoughts behind the build and what we could see happen as Weatherfield gets a new area to show off.

‘We wanted it to feel very Salford, very earthy, gritty, the sort of place you might go in the daytime to buy an ice cream, but you might not want to go down there after dark because it might be full of kids up to no good, and things like that.’

It’s got the ginnels of doom where bad stuff happens, criminal assignations, secret rendezvous and all the rest of it so it’s got a bit of everything and I went around it and was thrilled.

Unfortunately, new builds mean new interiors need to be built inside the studio with Iain admitting ‘they are full to bursting’, ‘we immediately started thinking maybe that character could live there, or that character could hide there if they run away from their partner.’

‘The thing I am most excited about at the moment is the shop spaces undeath with particular refrence to the charity shop. You will not believe the number of times a random actor over the time I have been here has come up to me and said do you know what I think?, I’d love my character to work in a charity shop, and every six months or so a different actor will come up and say ‘have you ever considered a charity shop?

They always pitch the same story ‘I think my character is exactly the type of character that would rummage through all the recently arrived donations, mark all the good stuff down to 50 and then buy it for themselves.’

Both Dan Brocklebank (Billy) and Harriet Bibby (Summer) admitted the shop would be their most likely to visit destination on the new set (Picture: ITV)

Speaking in the long term about the charity shop Iain said: we have two really core characters are gonna be going in there and we are trying to install it as a new iconic destination on the show.

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