Monday 19th December 2022

DAMON MAKES HIS PRESENCE FELT Damon invites Jacob for a drink. As Jacob coldly turns him down, Amy’s shocked to realise Damon’s his dad. Jacob reveals he hasn’t heard from Damon in years and he’s a waste of space. Under Amy’s orders, Jacob meets his dad who’s angry to hear how Harvey got Jacob dealing drugs and put him in hospital. Jacob implores his dad to leave, worried his new life will be destroyed. Over lunch with Amy, Jacob’s resentful of Damon’s cushy life in Ibiza while he was mixed up in gangs. Damon assures Jacob he wants to make it up to him. 

GRIFF’S FINANCIAL BACKER IS REVEALED Spider’s uneasy as Griff invites Max on a team camping trip. As Spider does some digging into the identity of Griff’s financial backer we discover his benefactor.

ADAM GIVES DAISY AN IMPORTANT ARTICLE When Daniel refuses to talk to Daisy, arguing he’s too weak to be of any support, Adam forms a plan. Telling Daisy he understands her annoyance at Daniel’s cowardice, he asks her to read the article he’s been writing. Daisy’s moved to read about how she’s helped him to love again after loss and rebuild his life. Can the pair reconcile? 

ELSEWHERE Glenda, Sean and Mary interrogate George, wanting to know what present he’s got for Eileen after the funeral plan debacle last Christmas. Billy and Paul report Summer to the police as a missing person. The officer warns that if she’s found, Summer’s location can’t be disclosed without her permission. 

Wednesday 21th December 2022

GRIFF’S SURVIVAL TRIP GOES HORRIBLY WRONG Max heads off with Griff on his camping trip, despite David’s protests, but it doesn’t end the way he expected. 

NICK GOES BEHIND LEANNE’S BACK Damon calls at the bistro and Nick is forced to introduce him to Leanne, making out he’s an old friend who’s happy to lend them some money to help them get back on their feet, but he’s Jacob’s Dad. Leanne’s gobsmacked as Nick assures her they can trust Damon. Damon tells Nick that in return for the cash he’d like him to give Jacob a job in the bistro, will Leanne agree?

DAISY GETS NEWS Daisy and Daniel attend the appointment at the breast clinic When Daniel reveals that his article failed to make the grade and won’t be published, Daisy urges him to take up teaching again as he’s wasting his talents.

ELSEWHERE When Laurence offers to help Eileen find a new sofa George tries to quash the idea. Explaining he’s bought a new sofa for Eileen as a surprise Christmas present he enlists their help in getting rid of the old one. When Fiz suggests they book a cottage in the Lakes for Christmas, Tyrone’s worried that his wedding plans could be scuppered. 

Friday 23th December 2022

TOYAH CONSIDERS KEEPING SPIDER’S SECRET As Spider implores Toyah to keep quiet, Griff convinces Max to lie to the police about what happened on the camping trip. 

SOMEONE STEALS CHRISTMAS Asking for her blessing, Daniel shows Jenny the engagement ring he’s bought for Daisy and explains how he plans to surprise her. Meanwhile Damon hands Jacob £500 and tells him to buy Amy something flash for Christmas. But as Steve, Tracy, Daniel and Daisy head into No.1, they’re horrified to realise all the Christmas presents have gone from under the tree. Steve reports the burglary to the police as Daniel tells Jenny how the burglars took the engagement ring. 

FIZ IS LEFT IN THE DARK Whilst Fiz frets over Christmas Day, Tyrone shares a secret smile with Hope and Ruby. Tyrone goes over his wedding plans with Maria and Beth. But when he’s forced to cancel their cinema plans (as the girls need dress fittings), Fiz is further disappointed. As an excited Tyrone predicts it’s going to be the best Christmas ever, Fiz laments to Maria that she suspects it’ll be the worst Christmas ever.

ELSEWHERE When Glenda reveals she’s no longer free to go carol singing, Mary asks Brian to join her. Mary’s delighted when he agrees as Brian gazes at her fondly. George bans Eileen from returning home, explaining he’s awaiting delivery of her Christmas present. Eileen’s impressed that he’s gone to so much trouble.