Monday 23rd January

STEPHEN HAS A SINKING FEELING Sarah tells Stephen that she and Michael had their meeting in the factory as planned, but she wouldn’t want Carla to find out and suggests he wipes the CCTV footage. Stephen’s secretly horrified to realise there will be footage of Teddy’s attack.  Oblivious to Stephen’s turmoil, Sarah tells him how to delete it. 

DAISY COMES FACE TO FACE WITH JUSTIN. A NEW PROBLEM WALKS INTO DAISY’S LIFE In the Rovers, Jenny shows Daisy another bouquet delivery with her name on it. When Daisy’s phone rings with an unknown number, she’s seriously unnerved. Daisy and Daniel discuss the mystery stalker and the missed call on her phone. Justin calls at the Rovers and after explaining that they met at the hospital weeks ago, asks Daisy if she liked the flowers but denies calling her. Daisy’s dumbstruck. Glenda sends Justin packing but when Daisy rings the number that has been calling her she is shocked when her mum Christina walks in with her phone ringing and she realises she’s calling her own Mum. Jenny enters the pub and is taken aback to see Daisy sitting with her Mum.  

GEMMA AND CHESNEY TRY OUT NEW BUSINESS IDEAS At No.5, an upbeat Gemma tells Chesney that her first potential client is coming round tomorrow, a lady with two kids, one of them deaf. In the kebab shop, Dev notices that there’s a huge packet of beef in the fridge about to go to waste. When Chesney asserts that he could use it, Dev tells him to help himself. At No.5, Chesney cooks a homemade burger and chips for Gemma and tells her that his dream is to one day have his own burger joint called Ches Burger.  Gemma’s impressed.

ELSEWHERE In the factory, Fiz confides in Sally that her sex life is in a bit of a rut. Sally tells Fiz how she and Tim enjoy role play and offers to let Fiz have a rummage in their fancy dress box. Gary confides in Alya that whilst he’s proud of Maria’s work, he worries for her safety.

Wednesday 25th January

MAX’S WORDS HAVE DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES Daryan calls in the café with some flyers promoting the refugee drop-in session at Speed Daal and suggests to Max he might like to join them.  Max is disparaging and stalks out. David prepares tea, oblivious to Max on his phone, listening to Blake outside Speed Daal delivering a racist rant and promising to put a stop to the drop-in session. As Blake heads into Speed Daal, secretly filming himself, it’s clear his target is Maria. Maria delivers her speech, welcoming the refugees and offering them support. Will Max tell anyone what Blake is up to?

EVELYN KEEPS A CLOSE EYE ON TYRONE. Telling Evelyn that she’s off to stay with her Mum, Fiz heads out. Evelyn’s concerned when Tyrone fails to kiss Fiz goodbye. When Evelyn clocks Tyrone, suited and booted, climbing into a car, she’s convinced he’s about to embark on another affair and tells Roy to fire up the Woody as they need to put a stop to his caper. Having followed Tyrone to a hotel bar, Evelyn and Roy watch as a blonde lady parks herself at Tyrone’s table and he squeezes her thigh. Evelyn’s horrified.

CARLA HUMILIATES STEPHEN In the shop, Stephen tells Elaine that she should receive his first repayment today and he’d like to buy her dinner as he’s aware he’s neglected her recently. Carla orders Stephen to help Kirk out in packing. Stephen’s fuming. Stephen comes face to face with an old business associate, Dick Havisham. When Carla explains that Stephen’s helping out in packing, Stephen’s utterly humiliated.

DAISY HAS DOUBLE TROUBLE Daisy receives a box of chocolates with a note saying “Sorry!” and assumes they’re from her Mum. When Justin approaches and reveals that he sent the chocolates, Daisy’s shocked. Christina reckons she should be flattered, leaving Daisy annoyed. When Daisy spells it out that she doesn’t want her at the wedding, Christina’s shocked. 

ELSEWHERE Gemma shows India, a potential client, around No.5, but it’s soon clear that she’s not happy with Gemma’s lack of childcare qualifications. Gemma’s disappointed. A despondent Gemma calls at the kebab shop and tells Chesney that her childcare plans are dead in the water as she lacks all the necessary qualifications.

Friday 27th January

MAX REALISES THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS. Max tells Gail and David how Blake made out to the police that it was his videos that inspired him to go on a stabbing spree.  David calls Adam and Sarah to No.8 and orders Max to show them his videos. They’re shocked at the array of racist material on Max’s computer and warn him that he could be charged with Encouraging Terrorism which carries a 10 year sentence. Max reels David and Gail watch Max’s videos in horror, they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. DS Swain enters and tells Max that he’s arresting him on suspicion of incitement to murder.

PEANUT LOOKS LIKE A CHINCHILLA KILLER. When Kirk reveals that he and Beth are going on holiday and need someone to look after Peanut, Fiz suggests Hope can do it in return for payment. Kirk calls at No.9 and offers Hope £5 to look after Peanut for the night.  Hope tells him £10 and he’s got a deal.  Meanwhile Peanut growls at Cilla the chinchilla. Hope’s horrified to find the door to Cilla’s cage open. As the girls search the room, Hope lets out a scream having found Cilla dead on the carpet. Peanut watches from her basket.

CHESNEY’S GOT MEAT ON THE MIND When Gemma explains that she can no longer look after Glory as she’d be breaking the law, Michael suggests they continue on an informal basis and the authorities need never know. When Chesney reveals that he used their wedding money to fund his new ChesBurger enterprise, Gemma’s furious. When Daniel reveals that he’s looking for a new childminder, Michael recommends Gemma. Gemma explains that she’s not a qualified childminder but happy to help.  

STEPHEN STEPS UP THE LIES Carla fires Stephen for lying to Dick Havisham and making out he’s a senior consultant. Stephen feeds Carla a pack of lies, telling her how Gabrielle ripped him off and when he bumped into Dick he was simply trying to save face.  

DANIEL TRIES TO BUILD BRIDGES WITH DAISY AND HER MUM Christina calls at No.1 but Daisy makes it clear she wants nothing to do with her and heads out. Christina hands Daniel a necklace that belonged to her mother and tells him she’d like Daisy to wear it on her wedding day. Daniel tells Daisy he’s booked a table at the bistro to cheer her up.Daisy arrives at the bistro dressed to the nines, but is furious to discover that Daniel’s duped her into having dinner with her Mum. Will she agree to have her at the wedding? When Daisy receives yet another notification from her persistent online admirer, she deletes it and blocks them.

ELSEWHERE In the factory, Stephen rallies the troops and urges them not to give up until they’ve completed the order. Carla’s begrudgingly impressed by his team spirit.Carla thanks Stephen for all his efforts and agrees that he can keep his job.

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