Monday 23 January @ 7:30pm on BBC One

Kat takes care of a conflicted Lily. Kim and Denise give Lola a glow-up for her hen do and Linda jumps into action to help Jay when he realises he’s forgotten to book the wedding reception. Ricky excitedly makes arrangements for his new life with Scarlett and Sam but Sam is worried about telling Ricky Jr that she’s leaving.

Tuesday 24 January @ 7:30pm on BBC One

Felix and Bernie compete for a job at Jay’s stag do and Ricky Jr finds out Sam is moving to Germany. Billy and Jay worry about Lola when she’s being secretive with her phone. Martin threatens to tell the Brannings that Ricky is the father of Lily’s baby.

Wednesday 25 January @ 7:30pm on BBC One

It’s the day of the wedding and Lola is experiencing some worrying symptoms. Billy goes on a mission to find Lola’s mum and Sonia worries she has to sell Dot’s house. Jack apologises to Ricky Jr before they head to the police station.

Thursday 26 January @ 7:30pm on BBC One

Ricky Jr is interviewed by police while Jay nervously awaits his bride’s arrival. Reiss apologises to Sonia and tries to help her keep Dot’s house. Kim manages to get Bernie a trial shift at the cafe.

(Pictures: BBC)