Monday Feb 13th 2023

STEPHEN’S DESPERATE TO SEAL THE DEAL WITH RUFUS Carla tells Sarah that she can finish working on her designs in return for an apology. Carla tells Stephen to resurrect the deal with Rufus and in return he’ll receive 15% commission and a permanent contract.  At Rufus’s hotel, Rufus makes it clear he’s not interested but Stephen begs him to reconsider. Rufus hands Stephen a vial of LSD and heads to the bathroom where he snorts a line of coke. Suddenly, Rufus collapses clutching his chest. As the paramedics attend to Rufus, Carla calls Stephen wondering if he’s sealed the deal. Stephen assures her it’s in the bag. As the paramedics wheel Rufus out, Stephen practises Rufus’s signature on the unsigned contract when he hears a knock at the door. A sex worker called Candice barges her way in and demands her money giving Stephen an idea. 

PETER’S BETRAYED ON HIS FINAL TRADE Outside the garage, Peter tells Kevin and Abi how he bet Carla he could trade up from an onion bhaji to a motorbike, the deadline is this evening. Abi hands Peter the contact details of a guy with a motorbike for sale. Benn calls at No.1 with the motorbike. Peter can’t believe his luck when Benn agrees to give him the bike in return for his tablet. Later, Jess, the police officer asks Peter why he’s in possession of a stolen bike.  

ZEEDAN AND ALYA BOTH HAVE A SECRET Dee-Dee calls at No.6 hoping to persuade Alya to return to work. Yasmeen admits that trade has been very slow and she’s had to turn the heating down in an effort to save money. When Yasmeen and Zeedan suggest to Alya that she needs to tackle her victim statement, she snaps at them to leave her alone. 

ELSEWHERE Sean pines for Laurence. Todd tells Sean they’re going to spend the afternoon watching a movie in a bid to cheer him up. Ed confirms that Brian’s flat needs rewiring and he’ll have to move out. Mary tells him he’s welcome to sleep on the sofa. As Mary helps Brian pack his things, she comes across the Gazette review of Roxanna and realises that Brian wrote the review himself.  Feeling cheated, Mary whacks him round the head with the Gazette and tells him to find somewhere else to stay. Adam suggests to Sarah that now might be a good time to start trying for a baby. Sarah admits to Michael she doesn’t want another baby. 

Wednesday 15th February

CARLA MAKES AN ENEMY OF STEPHEN Carla calls a meeting with Sarah and Stephen and explains that Sarah is now Head of Design whilst Stephen will be Office Manager. Determined to have his revenge on Carla, Stephen slips into the Underworld office with the vial of LSD from Rufus’s briefcase and slips the LSD into Carla’s coffee. Carla heads onto the factory floor, clearly discombobulated and woozy. In the Rovers, Stephen spikes Carla’s red wine with another vial of LSD.  Peter calls at the pub and immediately realises Carla isn’t well. Carla stares at the factory girls, her paranoia growing by the second and is helped out of the pub by Peter who is worried sick that her psychosis is returning. Stephen sneaks into Carla’s office, deletes a meeting with Dick Haversham from her diary and muddles up her paperwork.

ZEEDAN PUTS HIS FAMILY FIRST Marrium calls on Zeedan and tells him she can’t believe that he and Alya watched her Dad die in front of them.  Zeedan begs her not to go to the police. Alya finds Marrium in the café. Alya tells Marrium that she’s as much to blame for her Dad’s death as Zeedan. Alya realises that Zeedan is sacrificing his relationship for her sake. Alya tells Zeedan that she doesn’t need protecting and returns to work in the restaurant.  At No.6, Zeedan tells Alya that whether she likes it or not, he’s sticking around as family must always come first.  

PAUL AND DEE DEE BOND  Dee-Dee tells Paul they’re having a night out on the town later. Summer reveals that she’s had a conditional offer from Manchester University. Billy suggests to Paul they meet for a drink later.  Paul agrees, despite his promise to Dee-Dee. Paul suggests to Dee-Dee they meet in the Rovers rather than going into town. In the Rovers, Dee-Dee witters on at Paul about her love life, but when Billy arrives, Paul’s face lights up. When Billy confides in Paul how appalled he was with Todd’s show of violence towards Mike, Paul masks his guilt.

ELSEWHERE David confides in Gail how worried he is about Max’s sentencing tomorrow. Gary has a go at Maria for defending David. Maria insists that it’s not his fault. Brian moves into the flat and does his best to bond with Amy’s uni mates and offers to do his Vernon Kay impression. Amy tells Summer that Brian is driving her up the wall. Adam assures Sarah that he understands her need for a career and they can talk again about babies in six months’ time.  

Friday 17th February

CARLA TAKES A TRIP IN THE VAN  As Carla checks her diary, she tells Peter she was convinced she had a meeting with Dick Havisham. In the factory, Stephen hands Carla a mug of tea laced with LSD and convinces her that she cancelled the meeting with Dick Havisham. When Dick Havisham calls wondering where she’s got to, Carla heads off to meet him, clearly flustered. Peter offers Paul a spin on his new motorbike. Carla calls at the garage to collect her car, but Abi refuses to hand over her keys.  Carla spots the Underworld van and starts the engine and careers down the street, crashing into Paul astride Peter’s bike. Paul winces in pain.  

MAX’S SENTENCING GETS UNDERWAY MAX’S SENTENCE IS THE LEAST OF HIS WORRIES David attends a meeting with Max and Kim, his barrister.  Kim tells them that Alya has failed to submit a personal victim statement and that could help Max’s case. David, Spider, Gary and Daryan watch as Max is led into court. At the court, the Judge hands Max a six month sentence. Outside the courtroom, David hugs Max and assures him he’ll visit as often as he can, but Max asserts that he doesn’t want any visits. In the secure training centre, a group of lads make it clear to Max they intend to make his life hell.

BILLY TAKES A CHANCE BUT PAUL TURNS HIM DOWN Billy approaches Paul at the builder’s yard and admits that he still has feelings for him. Paul asserts that it’s better if they just remain friends. After Paul is hit by the Underworld van, Ed takes Paul to A&E. 

ELSEWHERE As Alya sits down to her birthday dinner with the family, the doorbell rings.  Alya shows Marrium in and Zeedan kisses her. Amy does her best to convince Mary how Brian deeply regrets upsetting her. Mary joins Brian in the café and wonders if they can be friends again. Brian tells Amy that he and Mary have made up and he’s invited her round for tea.  Amy’s annoyed to realise her plan to get rid of him has well and truly backfired.

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