Everyone is stunned when a dishevelled Paddy is standing in the doorway with a holdall. Marlon simmers but makes a beeline for him. Chas is irritated by Paddy’s behaviour.

When Bear enters with Eve, it’s an emotional reunion for all and Chas softens when she realises the hurt and sadness in Paddy’s eyes. Paddy plays up his happiness to get Marlon off his back but when Marlon leaves, Paddy’s facade crumbles as he’s left utterly bereft and broken.

As Paddy goes about his day seemingly making amends with family and friends. Unbeknownst to them all Paddy is saying his veiled goodbyes and leaves his dad Bear a letter.

Later with Paddy having gone, Bear makes the horrifying discovery of the letter. Helpless Marlon is distressed as everyone scrambles to go and find Paddy.

When Rhona delivers the appalling news about the missing bolt gun from the Vet surgery the reality of what he is doing is all too worrying as they hope they can find him in time.

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