I don’t think anyone can argue Justin didn’t have that coming as Peter and Daniel caught Justin lurking outside the Rovers. It appears being warned off just isn’t enough for the slimeball so when Justin stated it would be better for Daisy to have cancer then waste her time on Daniel the husband-to-be saw red and violently attacked him.

This came after Justin was knocking on her front door but with no answer let himself in through the back door, much to Daisy’s horror.

Clearly twisted and desperate Justin tried to make Daisy see that the SPO (stalking protection order) that she was taking out wasn’t her idea but Daniel. Justin was soon sent packing when Daniel arrived home.

‘It was good fun, I’ve not had the chance to do anything like that for a while so it was nice to do something physical. We had a fight arranger and a great director and it was shot on the street at night and I always think the street, the cobbles and the show looks it’s best at night… especially if it’s a little bit rainy! We all had a great time shooting it, those scenes are always fun, said Rob Mallard who plays Daniel.

Asked if Daniel is underestimating how dangerous Justin is Rob added: ‘Yes 100%! There is something quite unassuming about Justin, the things that he says and the way that he explains the reasons that he does things are actually quite simple. It’s not complex – he wants Daisy, he wants to be with Daisy and he wants Daisy to leave Daniel. For Daniel, he doesn’t think that Justin is hiding anything as he is very upfront about what he wants but what Daniel has underestimated is what lengths Justin will go to to get what he wants.’ 

Coronation Street continues on Friday March 10 at 8pm on ITV1 as Daisy and Daniel head to court over the SPO but with Daniel’s outburst ammunition for Justin, will it go in her favor?