Nick’s horrified to find Damon sitting at his desk. Damon menacingly reminds Nick that he still has a financial interest in the business and reveals he’s hired a new solicitor who Nick might have heard of. Nick fumes at Adam for agreeing to act on behalf of Damon. Horrified, Sarah rows with Adam and announces that she’s off to the hotel he booked for their date night on her own.

As Damon orders a drink in the hotel bar, Sarah parks herself next to him, unaware who he is. Damon chats her up as Sarah admits she’s had a row with her husband. Tipsy, Sarah invites Damon up to her room for a drink.

Later, Sarah’s unimpressed to realise Adam is still representing Damon. Meeting up in the ginnel, Sarah begs Damon to stay away from Nick and drop Adam as his solicitor. Damon refuses to make any promises. Dee-Dee warns Damon he’s unlikely to walk free as whoever stitched him up knew what they were doing. Damon’s fuming and cornering Nick in the bistro office, closes the door behind him.

‘I think there probably is an attraction there. It’s that freedom that he doesn’t know anything about her life, she can put all her life stress to the side and just have a bit of meaningless flirt at the bar, basically’, explains Sarah actress Tina O’Brien.

Does she not intend it to go any further than that?

No, definitely not. She does invite him up to her room after a few drinks but I think she’s just got caught up in the moment. He also does goad her a little bit, reminding her she said she was an independent woman who can make her own mind up. For a minute she just thinks screw you Adam, because he has said a few mean things to her in the Rovers. So she invites him up but I think once she gets him up there, reality kicks in and she realises this is a bad idea. It’s then a matter of whether she’ll back away from the situation before more damage is done.

Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday March 20 on ITV1

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