Monday 27th March 2023

DAISY’S HORRIFIED AS JUSTIN RETURNS When Daisy wakes up with a bloodshot eye she’s convinced her wedding is cursed, even more so when Ryan is forced to step in as chauffeur as the wedding car has been stolen and the cake arrives decorated with a retirement message. With Jenny and Glenda’s help she arrives downstairs looking a million dollars and Jenny and Glenda leave for the venue. As Ryan loads his car, Alya wishes him well with his new venture in Ibiza. Ryan goes into the pub for Daisy but they’re shocked to find Justin lurking there. Justin advances on Daisy holding a glass full of clear liquid, telling Daisy that no one will want her after this, he throws acid at Daisy. 

PAUL CONFESSES HIS FINANCIAL WOES TO BILLY As Paul picks up a glass of champagne in his left hand, Billy can see that he’s worried. Paul admits that he’s spent every penny of the loan and has no idea how he’s going to pay it off.

AMY CAN’T HIDE HER UNEASE As Amy stands awkwardly in her bridesmaid dress Adam gives her a friendly squeeze. Amy flinches which doesn’t go unnoticed by Simon. However when he tries to broach the subject Amy snaps at him. Tracy clocks their exchange.

Wednesday 29th March 2023

AMY REPORTS AARON Summer reads a text on Aaron’s phone suggesting to Amy they put things behind them. Summer demands to know what’s going on. Stealing himself, Aaron admits they slept together the night they broke up but it was a one off and they both regret it. Summer’s devastated and confronts Amy who bursts into tears and assures her she’s got it all wrong before confessing to Tracy how Aaron raped her. Tracy’s horrified as Amy describes how she passed out drunk and Aaron took advantage of her. Heartbroken Steve and Tracy urge Amy to report Aaron to the police. With Tracy for support, Amy enters the police station and says she wants to report a rape. Will Aaron be arrested? 

DAISY STRUGGLES TO COME TO TERM WITH WHAT HAS HAPPENED Devastated Daisy struggles to deal with the aftermath of Justin’s violent attack.

MICHAEL WANTS ANSWERS FROM STEPHEN Stephen lies to the factory staff, assuring them he’s got a meeting to finalise the American deal this afternoon. Having consulted Stephen’s diary, Michael demands to know why there’s no mention of the meeting with the Americans.

ELSEWHERE Dee-Dee offers Paul some filing work at the solicitors. Adam makes his disapproval clear but Dee-Dee’s adamant she’ll pay him out of her own pocket. When a DNA test confirms he’s of Italian descent, Brian’s delighted. As Brian lists all his Italian traits, Mary points out that he’s only 8% Italian but Brian won’t listen. 

Friday 31st March 2023

AMY GETS SOME DEVASTATING NEWS Summer strides over and demands that Amy apologise for sleeping with Aaron. When Amy reveals that Aaron raped her, Summer’s shocked and accuses Amy of lying. But Amy explains she never consented to sex with Aaron and the police are taking her allegation seriously. Having scrutinised Amy’s phone, DS Swain asks some awkward questions making Amy feel like the guilty party. Will they proceed with her case? 

MICHAEL DEALS STEPHEN A PROBLEM Michael shows Ronnie his new designs and explains how he hopes to persuade the American clients to get back on board. Having spoken to Owen, Michael confronts Stephen, asking why he cancelled the American deal and then lied about it.

BETH DOESN’T HEED GLENDA’S WARNING When Beth agrees to meet Marco, as he wants to organise a school reunion, Glenda warns her to steer well clear. As they meet in a hotel bar Beth realises she should have listened to Glenda. Will she cheat on Kirk? 

ELSEWHERE Brian tells Mary he’s joined some family tree websites in the hope of tracing his Italian relatives. 

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