Monday 3rd April 2023

TRACY’S CAUGHT OUT BY HER PRINTS Amy is worried that Tracy has put flyers up about Aaron everywhere but Tracy assures her that noone will know it’s her. When Mary finds a flyer on the florist printer Abi realises the truth and confronts Aaron. Peter calls at No.1 and tells Steve and Tracy about the flyer on the printer in the flower shop leaving Amy devastated that people know about her ordeal. Tracy calls at the police station and glues herself to the counter, explaining to the desk sergeant that she’s not going anywhere until they take Amy’s rape allegation seriously, with her free hand she calls Daniel. Steve and Amy arrive at the police station to find Tracy about to give an interview to Suki, the reporter from the Gazette, Amy begs her Mum not to go ahead. 

CRAIG TRIES TOO HARD Faye asks Craig to come round to meet Miley as she is visiting later but how will Faye feel about Craig inviting Beth along too? 

MICHAEL LETS SLIP ABOUT THE DEAL Elaine reminds Stephen that in order for them to buy a house together, the solicitor needs proof of funds.  When Michael reveals that he’s promised the girls an even bigger bonus off the back of the new deal, Stephen masks his fury and calls Rufus in a bid to try and renegotiate. Rufus’ refuses what will Stephen do?

ELSEWHERE In the solicitor’s, Adam inadvertently lets slip to Paul how Dee-Dee promised that she would cover all his costs.  Paul packs up his things and tells Dee-Dee he’s moving out so she can find a proper flatmate who’ll pay their way as he’s not a charity case. 

Brian and Mary bury the hatchet, but when Brian receives an email from the family tree website informing him of his Italian cousin, Isabella, Mary despairs.

Wednesday 5th April 2023

PAUL FEARS THE WORST After moving his things into the flower shop flat Paul secures a few hours work as a kitchen porter at the Bistro. But his day takes a shocking turn when he attends his appointment with the neurologist who tells him he might be suffering from onset motor neurone disease. As he heads off for a meal with the family will he tell them the truth? In the flower shop flat, Paul sits in silent tears staring at his withered hand, the reality of what lies ahead hitting him hard. 

AARON IS LET OFF THE HOOK Abi tells Aaron that she has heard that Amy has changed her story. When Aadi verbally attacks hi o the street for raping Amy Aaron puts him straight saying she has changed her story. Summer and Aadi call to see Amy but it is clear Summer is not convinced by Amy’s U-turn. Later when Amy’s phone pings with a picture of Aadi and Aaron clearly enjoying themselves at a gig in town, Summer clocks Amy’s discomfort but doesn’t push it. 

CRAIG MISSES THE MARK WITH MILEY With Miley due to visit Craig tells Faye he wants to get her a present. Faye tells him that she likes basketball but, mishearing, Craig buys a baseball bat and mitt. Craig kicks himself over the mistake and as they play a game of catch Craig can see Miley is not enjoying herself and Faye feels for him. As Faye says goodbye to Miley and Jackson at the team stop, Craig confesses to Faye that he feels jealous of Jackson.

DAMON MAKES A PLAY FOR SARAH In the solicitor’s office Dee-Dee spots the chemistry between Damon and Sarah. Damon finds Sarah eating alone in the Rovers and reminds her that his sole intention is to get her into bed. How will she react?

BRIAN’S DREAMS OF A TRIP TO ITALY ARE DASHED Brian tells Rita that he’s planning a trip to Napoli to stay with his cousin Isabella and wonders if she’d look after the Kabin for him.  Rita refuses and Brian resolves to ask Mary instead. Brian tells Mary about his plans to visit Isabella in Napoli and how he needs her help.  Mary assumes he’d like her to accompany him and confirms that she’d be delighted. Brian receives an email from Isabella telling him that she’ll visit him in Weatherfield as her flat In Naples is currently under renovation.  Brian and Mary are disappointed.

Friday 7th April 2023

PAUL SEEKS OUT DAMON TO GET RICH QUICK Still keeping his potential diagnosis from Billy and his family, Paul is keen to earn some money to repay Billy and help Gemma with the wedding. In the bistro, Nick’s not impressed to see Adam having lunch with Damon and explains to Paul that he’s Harvey’s brother and is seriously bad news. Paul approaches Damon on the street and reveals that he hasn’t long to live and needs to earn some cash.  Damon hands him the details of a bloke called Kyle who is looking for a driver as part of an insurance scam. Will Paul break the law to raise some cash? 

SARAH’S EASTER PLANS FALL FLAT Sarah is disappointed when Leanne refuses to allow Sam to go to her Easter egg hunt because it isn’t  safe for him to be around Nick whilst Damon and his thugs are at large. Sarah tears a strip off Damon and tells him that because of him and his thugs, Sam is too scared to come round to their house and it’s time he put things right. How will he react? 

STEPHEN’S CONCERNED WHEN CARLA RETURNS Cala returns form the clinic and forgives an apologetic Paul for the compensation claim. Michael calls to see Stephen and puts forward his case for a cut of the profits.  But it’s clear Stephen isn’t listening, distracted by the arrival of Carla.

A BLAST FROM THE PAST GIVES GLENDA BIG IDEAS As George and Todd show Estelle, a rather tricky customer, out of the undertakers, Glenda recognises her and explains that they used to work together on the cruise ships. Estelle reveals that she’s now the co-owner of a performing arts club for kids and anyone can buy into the franchise and open their own branch, Glenda’s interest is piqued.

ELSEWHERE When Tracy suggests a film night and a curry on the sofa, Amy calls at Speed Daal for the takeaway but spotting Aaron at the counter, she turns on her heel and flees the restaurant. 

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