Ethan tries to comfort a dazed Charles after a long night of questioning and he’s crushed when he realises Naomi thinks he ran Alex over. After Will found the damaged vehicle in the barn, Billy is forced to come clean to Will who vows too help them out of this mess. Over at the hospital, Naomi is devastated when an emotional Clare reveals the truth behind Alex’s plan. Later, Dawn is rocked to learn Billy can’t keep his secret much longer and that he wants to hand himself in.

Nicky and Gabby reveal that they’re in a relationship and Kim is seething. As Bernice and Laurel question them, Kim arrives with termination papers and fires Nicky on the spot for breaching his contract. In an attempt to prove his love to them all Nicky proposes to Gabby on the spot – saying he’s been waiting for the right opportunity and Gabby accepts. Loved up Gabby watches Nicky play with Thomas. As Kim takes in the domestic scene – it remains frosty between her and Gabby.


Dawn tries to convince Billy that telling the truth is the wrong decision – and fears he could go back to prison. Meanwhile, Charles is beset with worry over the police investigation. Hungover Naomi arrives and reveals she knows the truth about Alex – a protective Charles holds his broken daughter. Soon, Charles is escorted to a waiting police car for more questioning – only for a guilty Billy to see it all unfold. At the police station, exasperated Charles is left reeling when DS Raveley states Charles could be charged with murder, on top of the hit and run. Frustrated Charles lashes out in the interview room, he hangs his head knowing he’s made things worse. Back in the village, Charles is knelt in a pew, praying for guidance when Billy enters and confesses to Alex’s accident.

Kim is left simmering when Gabby threatens to remove Thomas from her life, unless she agrees with her marriage to Nicky.

Caleb and Leyla flirt as Leyla invites Caleb in for coffee.


News quickly spreads throughout the village after Leyla and Caleb spend the night together. Leyla receives some shocking news – Callum’s been released on bail. Later, from a distance – someone’s watching Leyla’s every move. And later, as things start to get hot and heavy between Caleb and Leyla – unbeknownst to them, they’re being watched by a hooded figure.

As Faye and Mary open up to each other and become more comfortable – Mary impulsively moves in for a kiss – to Faye’s delight.

Marlon rushes to make his lunch date with Rhona, they’re interrupted by the surprise arrival of Rhona’ ex-husband. Rhona plans to have a proper catch-up with Gus the following day but we soon realise he’s bumped into Rhona for a specific reason.


Somebody watches Leyla from a car window – Caleb offers to check in on her, but Leyla finds her strength, not allowing Callum to keep her scared. Later, as Leyla enters the Village Hall – Leyla’s stalker is apprehended by Caleb.

Loved up Gabby watches Nicky play with Thomas. As Kim takes in the domestic scene – it remains frosty between her and Gabby.

Gus unburdens to an uncomfortable Rhona and Rhona’s left stunned and confused when Gus reveals he wants to use one of their frozen embryos which she thought had been destroyed.

Mary and Faye both worry about their upcoming date with each other.


Caleb is left determined to fix things with Kim.

Rhona’s in shock at Gus’ request to use the frozen embryos, and she’s horrified to learn what he’s been doing behind her back. Learning that he’s been in touch with the clinic and has been acting on her behalf. Rhona feels she’s been left with an impossible choice…

Faye thinks Mary has stood her up when in fact she’d fallen asleep. Soon as the date is in full swing, smitten Mary summons all her courage, and invites Faye up to the bedroom. Later, Mary is moved when Faye explains that she hasn’t felt this way about anyone before.

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