What is it with Emmerdale mystery lurking figures? We only just had weirdy Nicky who was watching Leyla and next week it’s happening again with Belle being watched…

A mysterious figure watches Belle. When the mysterious figure bumps into Belle, he is revealed to be Tom King. Belle and Tom naturally flirt with one another, catching up. As Tom asks Belle for a drink there’s a glint in her eye.

Will the former couple give it another go?

Tom King, now played by James Chase, originally had a romance with Belle that saw them plan to run away together. However, Lisa (Belle’s mum) was worried that Belle was in danger from Tom – Tom’s father Carl had tried to rape Chas.

Thomas was almost not welcome when it was revealed he had been stalking Chas believing her to have been Carl’s killer.

Zack warned Thomas to stay away (Picture: Emmerdale/Youtube)

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday April 24 on ITV1