Wednesday 19th April 2023

RYAN COMES FACE TO FACE WITH HIS NEW NORMAL With Carla there for support, Ryan tells the surgeon he’s ready to look at his injuries. But as he stares at his face the surgeon breaks the news that he is not healing as they had hoped and he needs a skin graft. Daisy and Carla head into Ryan’s room only to discover him missing and his backpack gone. A search party is organised. Daisy and Carla find Ryan by the tram station clearly traumatised. Daisy tells Daniel that she can’t bring herself to tell Ryan that Crystal wants nothing more to do with him. 

STU PASSES GO AND COLLECTS TWO HUNDRED GRAND Stu is shocked to hear he stands to get around £200K compensation and but is devastated when he discovers that Eliza is being bullied at school because her mum is in prison.

FAYE AND BETH HAVE A SURPRISE MEETING AT THE HOTEL Faye and Jackson arrange to meet in town for a drink after his interview, Faye lies to Craig that she is meeting a girlfriend. Meanwhile a guilty Beth tells Kirk she can’t make the meal he has booked as she is meeting some old pals for a drink. Faye meets up with Jackson in a hotel bar. When Beth arrives with Marco in tow, Faye and Beth share horrified looks, each having been caught on a date with their ex. Faye returns home with Jackson in tow, but she’s taken aback to find Craig there baking cookies with Tim and Miley.

ELSEWHERE Roy attends an appointment with Dr Gaddas and describes how he’s been suffering chest pains and breathlessness. Dr Gaddas tells him she’ll arrange for some tests. When Evelyn finds out she insists on accompanying him to the hospital.


  • Alison King as Carla Barlow
  • Andrew Whyment as Kirk Sutherland
  • Angela Bull as Antonia Campbell
  • Bill Fellows as Stu Carpenter
  • Channique Sterling-Brown as Dee-Dee Bailey
  • Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley
  • Cherylee Houston as Izzy Armstrong
  • Christine Mackie as Dr Gaddas
  • Colson Smith as Craig Tinker
  • David Neilson as Roy Cropper
  • Ellie Leach as Faye Windass
  • Frankie-Jae Simmonds as Miley Hodge
  • Isabella Flanagan as Hope Dobbs
  • Jennie McAlpine as Fiz Dobbs
  • Jimmi Harkishin as Dev Alahan
  • Joe Duttine as Tim Metcalfe
  • Joseph William Evans as Jackson Hodge
  • Julia Goulding as Shona Platt
  • Lisa George as Beth Sutherland
  • Matthew Croke as Nurse
  • Maureen Lipman as Evelyn Plummer
  • Munir Khairdin as Psychologist
  • Paul Albertson as Marco Sweeney
  • Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne
  • Ryan Prescott as Ryan Connor
  • Sair Khan as Alya Nazir
  • Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny Connor
  • Savannah Kunyo as Eliza Woodrow
  • Shelley King as Yasmeen Metcalfe
  • Sue Devaney as Debbie Webster
  • Vinta Morgan as Ronnie Bailey

Coronation Street airs at 8pm on ITV1