Monday 24th April 2023

Nicky picks the garage lock and once inside manically searches for the Audi keys but is shocked to see stone-faced Cain standing behind him. They exchange words and Cain retaliates with a punch to the stomach. Nicki reels over in pain, glancing up at Caleb who refuses to intervene. Furious, Nicky snatches a spanner from the side but Cain instinctively throws a hard punch into Nicky’s face. Later in the Woolpack for Moira’s birthday, Moira can tell from Cain’s demeanour that he isn’t in a celebratory mood. Feeling disappointed in himself, Cain discloses why he’s late. Whilst Cain dwells on his actions, Moira reassures him that he’s making progress with his anger. In the Woolpack beer garden, Caleb’s fuming as Nicky admits he wanted to steal the car. Caleb curtly reminds Nicky to stay in his lane as Nicky seethes with resentment.

Chloe is still struggling with Ruben but when Kerry calls on Facetime she talks her round and Amy is relieved her mum’s got through to her.

Tuesday 25th April 2023

Nicky and Ally bump into each other the ‘morning after’. Wary of Nicky’s game playing Ally assures him there won’t be a next time. Caleb interrogates Nicky about where he was last night and Nicky confesses he was with someone. Desperate to get away from his dad, Nicky hurries Gabby off to the Woolpack for food as Caleb seethes. Later, in the Woolpack, Naomi puts Nicky under the spotlight, revealing to Gabby and Will that Nicky had a fight with Cain.

Bob’s thrown when Cathy’s headteacher suggests Cathy defer a year as she won’t be granted an access arrangement without a formal diagnosis. Cathy desperately doesn’t want to be kept back a year and persuades Miss Cathcart to let her take the exams.

Faye reveals there’s been a fire at the women’s refuge. Eager to help out her new love, Mary proposes a fundraiser.

Wednesday 26th April 2023

Marshall catches Cathy with some bottles of vodka she has taken from the B&B. The troubled teens head off, intent on numbing their pain. At the Cricket Pavilion, Cathy and Marshall share their troubles. On the road to self-destruction, they both take alternative swigs from the vodka bottle. As the effects of the vodka take hold, Cathy’s green in the face but Marshall has no intention of stopping. Bob, Laurel and Jai look for the kids, worried about what they’re doing. As they find them, unwell, Cathy vomits as the parents approach. As Marshall hands over the vodka, Laurel hopes she’s got through to him. Later, Arthur feels rejected when Marshall takes himself off to bed. Little do they know that, in his bedroom, Marshall pulls out the second bottle of vodka. Unscrewing the lid, he takes another swig, determined to keep numbing his pain.

Thursday 27th April 2023

Laurel lets out a guttural scream as she finds Marshall unconscious with vomit around his mouth.

Cathy is ashamed of her actions and flies off the handle and strikes Bob by accident scratching him with her keys. Bob winces, still holding his bleeding cheek. Later, cooling off from the day’s events, Bob gives Cathy a hug but as he leaves, a lost Cathy takes a packed rucksack out from behind the sofa. Cathy stares at the B&B with tears in her eyes. She turns and heads off into the night…

Faye explains to Mary that she needs to go back to Ecuador to help run the women’s refuge. Mary’s in a spin as she tries to persuade Faye to stay. Faye insists that she has to go and implores Mary to come with her. That afternoon, Mary explains the situation to Rhona. Conflicted Mary choses to pass up the opportunity much to Rhona’s relief. Calling in on Suzy, Mary opens up to her about what’s stopping her following Faye. She surprises herself by saying, ‘Rhona’. Suzy regrets not following Vanessa to Canada but knows she’s coming back. This leaves Mary with food for thought but has she changed her mind?

A mysterious figure watches Belle. When the mysterious figure bumps into Belle, he is revealed to be Tom King. Belle and Tom naturally flirt with one another, catching up. As Tom asks Belle for a drink there’s a glint in her eye.

Friday 28th April 2023

Chas asks Caleb to move into the Woolpack, Caleb’s left hoping he’s made the right decision by agreeing.

Tom and Belle agree to meet up tomorrow.

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