Although Rhona is initially reluctant, Mary’s delighted when she offers her blessing for her big trip to Ecuador. Later at the auction, Suzy’s mistrustful when Faye is cagey on a bank transfer for the auction fund. She tells Mary her suspicions, but Mary’s affronted by Suzy’s claims and sends a large donation through to Faye to double down on her commitment.

Arthur and Marshall agree to go on their first date.

Cathy assures Bob he’s being the best dad possible by letting her go. Shortly after, everyone says a tearful goodbye to Cathy.


When Suzy offers Mary more evidence that Faye isn’t who she seems, Mary tries to shut her down, desperately wanting to believe her dream is still intact. Later, however, Mary tests the waters with Faye. When Faye starts acting coy over finances Mary is forced to accept that Suzy is right about her. Knowing the jig is up, Faye coldly reveals her true nature. When a kerfuffle ensues over an envelope of money, Faye makes her escape and Mary is left bleeding and concussed.

Belle’s guarded when Nicola clues in to the fact that she’s seeing someone new. Later at the Hide, an excited Belle meets up with Tom but she appeals to him to reach out to his family.


Mack’s pained as he watches Chloe struggle with Reuben and some shopping and ends up helping. When Sarah catches them together she chastises them. Chloe promises it won’t happen again but Sarah is unconvinced. Later, In Sarah’s absence, Mack awkwardly enquires about Reuben and he’s buoyed when Chloe asks if he’d like to join them for a walk. Mack reels when Chloe tells him she’s taking Reuben back to Scotland. His heart breaks as he says farewell to his son.

Nicky’s incredulous when he finds out about Caleb’s new move.

Tom struggles with his unresolved grief over his dad. There’s an awkward reunion when Jimmy and Nicola find him at The Hide. Prickly Jimmy can’t hide his hurt at the thought of Tom avoiding him. Belle worries about Tom’s reticence.


Chloe panics when Reuben starts running a temperature and Dr Liam, concerned about his symptoms, suggests they take him straight to hospital. Chloe’s world falls away when she’s told it’s likely that Reuben has bacterial meningitis. Elsewhere,when the news about the meningitis diagnosis filters through, Mackenzie’s left reeling.

Both rocked by the news about Reuben: Paddy and Chas share a moment.


Paddy’s struggles with his grief

Amy comforts Chloe

Chas is supportive

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