THE TRUTH IS REVEALED. Nate worries Mack is deluding himself when he contemplates balancing his marriage with Charity and a secret life with his son. Chloe reels when she’s told that there’s a possibility Reuben might have a bleed on his brain. At the Woolpack, Dan tries to stay positive about Reuben’s chance but Mack reaches breaking point and Charity’s astonished when a drunken Mack punches Dan and stalks off into the night. Later,  a worried Mack sits outside the hospital, unable to bring himself to go in. He ignores a call from worried Charity who starts to worry what is truly causing their rift. Chloe’s desperately worried when the consultant tells her they’ll need to do another scan on an unimproving Rueben.

Soon, realising Mack’s concern, Nate urges Mack to see Reuben in hospital. But with Charity already fishing for answers on Mack’s unusual behaviour, Mack is soon risking his relationship as he heads to the hospital. Soon, both parents are utterly relieved when the consultant tells them Reuben is showing no signs of brain damage. Mack jumps at the chance when Chloe asks him to come and see his son.

Meanwhile, Charity and Amy arrive at the hospital and plan a surprise visit when they hear that Rueben is on the mend. But Charity is in for a shock when she spots an unaware but emotional Mack with Reuben and she’s soon hit with the realisation that Mack is Reuben’s dad…

CALEB’S BETRAYAL? Fed up of Cain’s messing, fuming Will sets his sights on retribution and confronts Cain at the garage but is forced to concede and apologise. When Cain makes a remark about Kim, Will reacts with a punch and it looks like blood is going to be shed. Jimmy and Caleb stand between the duelling Will and Cain.  Later, back from her trip, Kim confronts Cain. He’s left thoughtful when she insists this is his final warning. Kim worries where Caleb’s loyalties will lie.

Later, after Caleb messes up the land purchase for the stud farm, Caleb’s left fuming when Kim decides to end their partnership. But he soon forms a plan when he hears that Cain and Moira’s farm borders with Home Farm. Kim’s intrigued just how far Caleb will go when he suggests a plan to betray his own family to secure the land they need.

OBLIVIOUS GABBY. An excited Gabby celebrates getting an official wedding date and proceeds to drag Nicky upstairs. However, Nicky’s sheepish after a non-starter in the bedroom with Gabby. Later that day, Nicky returns from an illicit meetup with Ally. Gabby’s oblivious as he deletes an incriminating message. Nicky’s horrified when he stumbles upon an impromptu meeting between Gabby and Ally. When their plans fall through, Gabby suggests Nicky and Ally hit the town together.

MANDY HIDES HER TRUE FEELINGS. Paddy worries about how he’s handling things and Mandy’s encouraged when he agrees to come around for lunch. Soon, Mandy reassures Paddy that he’s dealing with his grief in a healthy way, but when the moment becomes intimate, Mandy’s not sure how to handle the situation. When they reflect on their relationship, things soon heat up when the two end up in a passionate snog.

As Mandy worries that they’ve made a mistake, Paddy rushes off, upset he’s overstepped the mark and Mandy kicks herself for letting things get this far.

The next day, wretched Paddy apologises to Mandy and Mandy blinks back tears, determined to do the right thing despite her feelings for him. As Paddy departs, it’s bittersweet for a brave faced Mandy. Despairing, Vinny worries that she’s not setting boundaries. Still pining over Paddy, Mandy reveals to Vinny that she’s about to sign up for a dating app. Liam allows Mandy to set him up for online dating too. When she gets a match herself, Vinny urges her to move forwards but Mandy can’t help but think of Paddy. Paddy attends a man club away from the village. Not knowing the men and nervous at first, Paddy eventually speaks up and details his woes to an understanding group. He’s left to realise that he’s far from alone with his problems. Paddy bonds with some fellow Man Club members. When he agrees to come back, it’s clear Paddy is moving in the right direction. 

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