Monday 15th May 2023

AMY’S WARNING BACKFIRES Amy spots Mia at the garage and tells Mia that Aaron raped her. Mia’s shocked but accuses Amy of making the whole thing up. Amy assures Abi that she’s telling the truth. Later, Mia confronts Aaron over Amy’s rape allegation but Aaron explains that they slept together once, Amy cried rape but then changed her mind and the police dropped the case. Mia’s appalled to think Amy’s dragging Aaron’s name through the mud. DS Swain calls at No.1 and tells Amy that a serious allegation of harassment has been made against her. Furious at the injustice of her situation, Amy sets about writing up her whole dreadful ordeal. Steve encourages Amy to post her document about Aaron on social media so Amy posts it online.

RYAN LETS DAISY OFF THE HOOK Daniel urges Daisy to tell Ryan the truth about Crystal so Daisy visits Ryan but he makes it clear that he doesn’t need her pity when he’s got real friends like Crystal who genuinely care about him. 

DAVID TAKES A STEP BACKWARDS WITH MAX David visits Max and quizzes him closely about his mental state and Max realises David’s been talking to Daniel. When David admits that he saw the video he made for Daniel, Max is furious. At No.8, David confides in Daniel how concerned he is for Max which gives Daniel an idea. At the STC, Daniel hands Max his mobile and tells him there’s a message on it from David. Later, Max listens to David’s message.

ELSEWHERE At the precinct, when Miley admits how much she’s going to miss her, Faye hides her emotions. Miley puts pressure on Faye to move to Slough with her and Jackson, will she think it over? Elsewhere, in the Rovers, Craig tells Faye that he’s been given a secondment with the CID. Meanwhile Linda arrives and thanks Gemma for inviting her to the wedding. When Linda offers to pay for the catering, Gemma’s thrilled whilst Bernie’s seething. 

Wednesday 17th May 2023

THE TRUTH HURTS FOR AARON At the garage, Abi and Tyrone tell Aaron that they’ve read Amy’s online post and he can find himself another job meanwhile Eric vows to make Amy pay. Eric calls at No.1 and announces that he’s suing Amy for libel. When Amy receives a letter from Eric’s solicitor ordering her to take down her post or they’ll sue, Steve advises her to stick to her guns but Dee Dee warns them that a libel case could end up costing them a fortune. Tracy’s adamant that they’ll fight it all the way. 

GARY SEES SOMETHING BETWEEN FAYE AND JACKSON Faye tells Beth, Sally and Izzy how she plans to throw a surprise party for Craig to celebrate his CID secondment. Later, Jackson and Miley persuade Faye to help her with her family tree school project and so Faye and Gary both help Miley with her family tree. When Jackson praises her, Faye basks in

 his flattery which doesn’t go unnoticed by Gary. With Beth, Sally and Tim’s help, Faye goes through the details of Craig’s party with Leanne.  

WILL MAX OPEN UP TO DAVID? Max admits to Daniel that he watched David’s video, but hasn’t recorded a reply. Will he pluck up the courage to tell David how he feels or is their relationship damaged for good? 

ELSEWHERE  Gemma urges Chesney to get himself down to the charity shop where, according to Roy, there are a couple of suits that should fit him and Joseph. After their charity shop trip, Linda finds Chesney and Joseph sporting their terrible 70s wedding suits and offers to buy them new ones. As Chesney and Joseph admire their new suits, Gemma arrives home, will Gemma find out that Chesney has gone behind her back and accepted Linda’s offer? Carla visits Ryan and when Ryan receives a text from Crystal, he admits to Carla that he really likes her and is hopeful that she feels the same way. 

Friday 19th May 2023

JACKSON ATTEMPTS TO SEIZE THE FAYE Gary quizzes Faye about her feelings for Jackson.  Faye admits that Jackson tried to kiss her but it’s Craig she loves and Jackson refuses to accept it. Gary lures Faye and Jackson to the furniture shop and urges them to talk.  Jackson tells Faye that by choosing Craig over him, she’s making the biggest mistake of her life meanwhile Craig arrives at the bistro and is taken aback to find all his family and friends there. Noting that both Faye and Jackson are missing, Craig calls Faye’s phone. When he hears it ringing in the furniture shop, he heads over. Hearing Craig approach, Faye orders Jackson to hide under a desk as Craig enters the shop, will he find Faye alone with Jackson?

STEVE AND TRACY WEIGH UP THE COST Steve and Tracy realise they’ll have to sell their businesses to fund the legal fees meanwhile Eric and Aaron meet up with their solicitor who warns them of the risks of taking the case to Court. Pushing ahead, Tracy arranges for a valuation on the florists.

ED WONDERS WHAT’S WRONG WITH PAUL When Ed puts pressure on Paul to return to work, he’s evasive and Ed’s left suspicious.  

ELSEWHERE Eliza reminds Hope and Sam about her birthday party and Stu entices Liam and Jake to come to Eliza’s party.  As Stu heads off, Hope warns the boys that they won’t enjoy the party at all.  Roy wonders why Hope is being so unkind. At the tram stop, Brian and Mary await the arrival of Isabella, Brian’s cousin.  When an elegant Italian woman emerges, Brian’s bowled over. 

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