Forget the royal Coronation it’s time for a wedding in Hollyoaks as Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) and James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) finally tie the knot.

Very out of character for James is when, on the wedding day, the couple swap clothes leaving James in a rainbow-coloured tracksuit to get married in.

Ahead of the wedding, Peri is preparing the house in preparation for Juliet getting out of hospital, but James and Leela don’t want her to get her hopes up. When the former nurse visits her girlfriend the pair are interrupted while manifesting good news as Juliet’s doctor tells her she’s clear from norovirus and allowed home… however the happiness is short lived when he informs them that her kidney function hasn’t improved liked they hoped…

Later, Peri is struggling to come to terms with the news hergirlfriend received at the hospital.

Wanting to focus on something positive, Juliet turns to her brother and persuades Romeo to throw a party with all their friends… as long as none of them have an infection.

Peri is concerned at the thought of her attending a party. However, she’s talked around when Juliet tells her how much it means to her to just have some fun

With all the guests enjoying the perfect day, James and Juliet share a special moment on the dancefloor together, however with exhaustion from everything his sister collapses

‘Camp, Meaningful, Sad – and I only say sad because something sad happens at the very end.’ Ste actor Kieron Richardson talks us through the big event.

We see that Ste goes missing the morning of the wedding, will Ste get to the wedding in time?

It’s a bit of a rush and there’s a funny scene in a taxi as clothing is strewn all over – how we turn up to the wedding might not be how the audience expect…

If you could choose the song for Ste and James first dance what do you think would be the perfect one would be?

Ste would like Rihanna or Britney Spears but I don’t think James would like that so it would have to be somewhere in between, maybe Mariah Carey and Westlife – Against all odds. I think that’s fitting because people many years ago would never have thought those two characters would have got together let alone get married.

Fans went wild after you were recently spotted with Emmett on the wedding location shoot, how did that come about, and can fans expect a Stendan reunion any time soon?

Emmett actually lives in Chester and was randomly walking past. One of our makeup artists spotted him and was like, ‘your little Ste’s getting married over there’ so he came to say hello. There’s a scene actually where Ste’s tied to a lamppost and a passerby takes pictures of him because he finds it funny, and we were thinking wouldn’t it be amazing if we actually got Emmett to play the passerby. It would work because he looks so different at the minute – he’s in another show and he’s got to shave his beard, so he looks a bit unrecognisable, really young actually. It was so weird on the day because there were fans watching and crew members so when we were stood together, I think people were expecting something to happen but we just had a little catch up. It was amazing to see him, obviously I’d love for a Stendan reunion to happen, but I don’t think that will be any time soon, but who knows what the future holds.

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