Caleb pushes Nicky to get on with persuading Gabby to move their wedding forward, Caleb celebrates as the malware on Kim’s laptop starts to give him access to her bank accounts. Gabby makes another attempt to persuade Nicky to break their self-imposed celibacy, Nicky convinces Gabby that they should still wait until they’re married before they have sex again.

Wendy meets Liam by the Bus Stop where she reveals she has big plans for their night at the murder mystery convention but Liam advises her the event has now moved online. Liam’s touched at the effort Wendy later goes to: preparing something at the Doctors Surgery to celebrate his success in being nominated for the writing award. As the champagne cork pops, the chemistry between them fizzes. Now sporting fancy dress and sipping champagne, Liam puts some music on and he and Wendy start to slowly gyrate towards each other. Caught up in the moment after Anna Le Monde wins the Murder Most Murky New Crime Writer of the Year award, things get passionate between Wendy and Liam. Meanwhile, Bernice opens up to Bob as they begin to rekindle the friendship they’ve lost under the pressure of working together. After Bob tells Bernice that he’s always considered her beautiful, there’s a moment between them, before Bob quickly offers flustered Bernice a top up of her wine. Reacting to their ever-growing chemistry and flirtation, Bernice is mortified after Bob rejects her drunken attempt to kiss him. After fleeing the room, Bob is sweaty and guilt-ridden at the near miss…

Belle starts to plot a way to get uncle and nephew together.

Bear starts to think he might have a chance with Mandy.


Things seem to be going well between Tom and Jimmy until Jimmy accidentally reveals Carl’s patricide. Devastated Tom is unable to deal with the information and leaves hurriedly. Tom struggles to process the news that his dad murdered his grandad. As Belle consoles him, she starts to worry about his reaction to her own dark past.

Gabby asks Bernice to walk her down the aisle at her wedding to Nicky, as she remains in the dark about his secret.

Wendy struggles to hold it together as the guilt of cheating on Bob weighs heavy. Bob struggles to cope with the feelings his near-kiss with Bernice has ignited. Later, working in the Doctors Surgery, Liam is unable to contain his desire for Wendy and kisses her suddenly; Wendy is surprised but can’t help responding. The next day, Bob and Bernice are awkwardly avoiding any mention of their near kiss but after Bernice tells Bob that he needs to show Wendy he cares about their relationship.


Although daunted, Belle remains determined to be open about her past with Tom. When they chat at the Dingles, it’s a lot for Tom to take in when Belle confesses that she accidentally killed Gemma: after he hurriedly exits, Belle worries that telling him the truth has probably ruined everything between them.

Bob and Bernice are awkwardly avoiding any mention of their near kiss but after Bernice tells Bob that he needs to show Wendy he cares about their relationship. But both parties seem to be hiding from the truth…

In the Woolpack, Tom’s still on edge after Belle’s confession, and when Jimmy approaches him to defend Carl again, he can’t bear it and the two men square up. Tom and Jimmy’s argument continues to escalate…


Ryan’s gobsmacked when a face from his past appears: Gail. Ryan’s suspicious of Gail’s motive for reappearing in his life after four years.

Nicola tells Jimmy he did the right thing cutting Tom out of his life as his anguish over his nephew is now affecting the rest of his family and reminds him he needs to focus on them. Later, Nicola hits the roof when Angel appears outside Victoria following Jimmy’s failure to take her to the dentist. Stressed to high heaven, she decides that they can still make the appointment and orders her daughter into the car. Nicola continues ranting at Angel as they drive to the dentist, however there’s a horrifying impact when Nicola and Moira crash at an unsighted junction on the Village Outskirts. In shock after the crash, Moira and Nicola reel at the sight of an unconscious Angel in the back of Nicola’s crushed car….

Manpreet is horrified when Charles’ mother Claudette arrives at Woodbine and she realises she’s the same woman she had a quarrel with in the cafe earlier. Manpreet and Claudette get off to an awkward start after Claudette upbraids her for her past jilting of Charles. Later, Manpreet talks openly to Charles about her difficulties with Claudette while Claudette’s out of the room. Little does she know that Claudette’s heard every word.


Claudette takes every opportunity to hurt Manpreet’s feelings off the back of yesterday’s complaints. Charles and Manpreet are left concerned when Claudette arrives back at Woodbine having put her back out. Manpreet is disappointed when Charles later decides to stay home and look after his mother instead of going on date night.

Ryan and Gail are embarrassed when Charity catches them after they’ve spent the night together.

Tom tries to make amends with Belle.

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