Monday 29th May 2023

CHESNEY AND GEMMA’S WEDDING GOES WITH A HITCH As Gemma prepares for her wedding, Billy tries to persuade Paul to attend. After hearing from Joseph that Gemma has been crying, Paul apologises and all is forgiven. In the church, the congregation watches as Paul (battling his symptoms) walks Gemma down the aisle in the jaw dropping dress of her dreams. As the couple exchange vows to cheers from family and friends it looks like nothing can ruin their day. But how will Bernie react when she finds out that Linda secretly funded the wedding? In a bid to diffuse the situation, Paul makes a speech, but becoming emotional he hurries out, dragging his foot. Is Gemma about to face heartbreak on her wedding day?

DAISY’S DUPED Justin’s sister, Karen, calls at the Rovers, telling Daisy how sorry she is for Justin’s attack and how she hopes he’ll be sent down. Daisy’s touched by her support.

FREDDIE GOES UNDER THE KNIFE As Freddie goes in for his operation, Nina reveals to Evelyn that Roy’s sleepwalking again as he worries about his own operation.

Tuesday 30th May 2023

PAUL FINDS COMFORT IN HIS FAMILY Gemma joins Chesney for the first dance. Paul drags Gemma up for a duet, as Billy and Bernie hit the dance floor, Paul is determined to grab happiness while he can.

RYAN PLAYS INTO KAREN’S HANDS Carla and Ryan are appalled to see Justin’s sister in the Rovers and a row ensues. Throwing insults, Ryan reminds Daisy how she went out of her way to split him up from Alya.

Wednesday 31st May 2023

RYAN CAN’T FACE HIS FEAR As Ryan leaves for court, Karen admits that she passed on what she gleaned about Daisy’s history of manipulation, to Justin’s lawyer. Ryan lets himself back into Street Cars flat, too distressed to face the court. When Ryan fails to turn up at court, Carla desperately tries to call him. Daisy calls at the flat where Ryan reveals that Karen was spying on them, Daisy’s stunned. Daisy begs Ryan to reconsider as without his evidence, Justin could walk free, will Ryan be moved? 

WILL PAUL GET THE DECISION HE’S HOPING FOR Paul reveals that today he’ll find out if he’s suitable for Tofersen treatment. Billy accompanies Paul to his appointment with the MND specialist.

ROY TELLS NINA THE TRUTH Realising he’s been sleepwalking again and left the cafe door open Roy, Nina and Evelyn go out in search of Freddie. Roy tells Nina about his operation and hands Evelyn a stack of letters for her to distribute should he die.

Thursday 1st June 2023

JUSTIN’S TRIAL GETS UNDERWAY Daisy’s stressed at the thought of facing Justin in court without Ryan to back her up. Daniel begs Ryan to reconsider, pointing out that if Justin walks free, Daisy will be in constant fear, but Ryan refuses. As the usher summons Daisy into court she crumbles and tells Daniel she can’t face it. Daniel takes the witness box and tells the court how Justin relentlessly stalked Daisy in the run up to his acid attack. Daisy’s about to do a runner when Carla spots her, urging her to stand up and prove to Justin that he can’t control her. As the defence barrister gives Daniel a grilling, painting Daisy as highly strung and unreliable, Daisy enters the witness box. Will she have the strength to face Justin and relive the attack? 

ROY HAS HIS OPERATION Evelyn sifts through Roy’s letters until she finds the one addressed to her. She holds it up to the light, desperate to know what it says. In the hospital, Evelyn squeezes a nervous Roy’s hand and wishes him luck as he’s wheeled away for his operation.

PAUL STRUGGLES TO ACCEPT HIS FATE As Paul packs some last minute bits for their holiday, Billy pulls up in the church minibus and tells Paul that he’s borrowed it for their trip. 

Friday 2nd June 2023

THE TRIAL BRINGS RYAN AND DAISY CLOSER Ryan enters the witness box and describes to the court how Justin threw the acid intending it for Daisy, but he took the full force causing indescribable pain. The defence barrister cross examines Ryan, suggesting it’s he who’s in love with Daisy and they plotted the acid attack themselves, Ryan and Daisy are horrified. As Justin enters the witness box how will he describe his version of events and how will the court react to his claims? 

EVELYN READS ROY’S TRUE FEELINGS Evelyn reads Roy’s letter, touched to realise how much she means to him. As she heads to the hospital to admit her own feelings, she’s put out to find Yasmeen already at Roy’s bedside with a special surprise of her own. Will Evelyn get the opportunity to open up to Roy? 

BERNIE RALLIES THE TROOPS Having decorated the minibus with inflatable animals, Bernie, Gemma, Todd, Summer, Dee-Dee and Ed wave Billy and Paul off on their caravan holiday

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