It’s the week of another big Emmerdale wedding and this time it’s Gabby and Nicky heading down the aisle, Chloe grows closer to Mack and Charles is hiding something….

When Kim logs into her bank account, unbeknownst to her, Caleb also secretly hacks his way in too and elatedly discovers her last outstanding password necessary to clear her finances out later. At the outskirts of the village, a hungover Nicky meets Ally, who suggests he marries him instead. Nicky looks thrown yet walks away. Before long, Kim joins Caleb to look over the Stud Farm plans and asks him to arrange for the architect ‘Adrian’ to visit. Meanwhile, Nicky continues to hate the lie he is living and panics when Caleb tells him the goal posts have moved again, they will have to play a longer game. Frustrated Nicky tells his dad he wants out.

The next day, the wedding buzz begins as the families prepare for the big day and Caleb is quietly smug as he introduces Adrian to Kim. As the pair hit it off, Caleb’s happy his plan is seemingly going like clockwork.

Meanwhile, Gabby is now in her wedding dress, but emotional as she reveals to Nicky how she wants him to officially adopt Thomas. It is all too much for Nicky who blurts that he is gay and can’t go through with the wedding. Gabby is sideswiped by the news, totally distraught…

Caleb panics when he hears Nicky has pulled out of the wedding and confronting his son, punches him hard in the face. Nicky’s stunned his dad is casting him adrift when Caleb orders Nicky to take the fall when he empties the Home Farm accounts. Frustrated Caleb then tries to get in touch with Adrian and fast track his plan but he’s alarmed on logging in to find Kim’s bank accounts already empty. And soon Caleb’s façade slips when he’s confronted by an angry Kim..

Is the game up for Caleb, will he reveal who he really is? Or has his plan been foiled before he had a chance to bring Kim Tate down? 

Charity faces a tough week as Mackenzie visits his son Reuben and spends time with Chloe. Sarah is conflicted about whether to tell her gran about Mackenzie and Chloe’s afternoon together.

The next day, Charity pretends to have forgotten Sarah’s birthday. As a surprise, Moses, Ryan and Noah burst in singing Happy Birthday. Charity reluctantly, but for Sarah’s benefit, invites Chloe to Sarah’s surprise birthday party, but tensions rise when Mackenzie joins them with Reuben. Charity is upset as Mackenzie had promised her he’s just being a dad to Reuben and there is no romance between him and Chloe but later, Mackenzie and Chloe share a charged kiss in the backroom.

Due to the emotion of  Mack seeing Reuben’s first smile, both are unaware Charity is watching. Charity is filled with vengeance as she tells Chas what she saw.

The next day, Charity’s bravado fails to convince Chas she’s over Mack. Meanwhile, Mack and Chloe are awkward after yesterday’s kiss and agree to leave things open-ended. 

Charles receives a mysterious phone call. The next day Charles wearily submits to help Claudette clean the church. He is acting distracted and Claudette tries to grab his attention by critiquing his sermons.

Later, Claudette’s hurt when Charles tells her there’s other places she can go – it’s clear something deeper is troubling him.

Later, Charles is filled with a mixture of dread and annoyance as he makes his way towards the prison….

Charles braces himself outside of the prison as a man walks towards him. Charles demands he stays away from his family. 

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1

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