As Coronation Street weddings go this one had everything tears, secret revelations, food fights and a twerking Gemma.

Reeling from the bombshell news Paul dropped at the end of last night’s episode tonight (May 30) saw the immediate aftermath as Gemma was left in shock and Bernie refused to believe any of it and accused Paul of lying and trying to ruin the day.

Bernie comforted her son before the group returned to the party guest with Debbie reminding them ‘It’s a wedding not a funeral’.

Devastated by the news Gemma tried to push on but Chesney knew something wasn’t right as they danced to Agadoo. Even Linda and Bernie made up with each other.

Among the tears and fear of what is to come for the family it was a lovely scene of normality with everyone dancing, singing, hugging and having a great time – exactly what a wedding should be.

The kids found amusement with a passed out Ronnie.

Back at home, with Chesney now aware (not sure why they didn’t include such a vital scene after Gemma’s mood during the wedding), Bernie was trying to remain positive and reminded Gemma that the doctors gave Stephen Hawking a year and he lasted over 50.

With such love and supoort Paul is determined to give the future his best shot.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7:30pm on ITV1

By Eastieoaks

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