You can’t trust a person who gives someone money, and then gets them to lie about it, especially when the person in question is a child and it’s a teacher telling them to keep it hushed up.

Well, that’s exactly what happens in EastEnders next week when Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) and Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) get invited to meet social services and the pair are left worried about what they can expect.

Luring Theo to the square Lily explains the situation, she needs money and that she plans to sell the trainers he gave her. However, Theo is quick to reassure Lily and give her the money she wants – but tells her to lie and say the money has come from odd jobs Ricky has done.

Lily is glad to have played him, but will Stacey learn the truth? And what exactly is Theo playing at?

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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