Monday 19th June 2023

THE TRUTH IS CRYSTAL CLEAR FOR RYAN Hearing from Carla that Ryan is struggling, Daniel calls at the flat, asking why he now refuses to see Daisy when they were such good friends. Thinking on his feet, Ryan reveals he’s been in a dark place since he found out the truth about Crystal. Daniel urges a guilty Daisy to pay Ryan a visit. But when Ryan admits how much he’s missed her and leans in for a kiss, Daisy finds herself kissing him back, just as Carla returns! 

AMY RECEIVES MORE BAD NEWS Amy tells Summer that she intends to start afresh and focus on uni, but when her tutor tells her she’s got to repeat the whole year, Amy reveals  she’s thinking of dropping out. Summer tries to cheer Amy up, pointing out that by re-doing the year they’ll be starting together. Will Amy agree? 

ISABELLA STAYS A LITTLE LONGER When Isabella offends yet more people in the café, Brian admits that he can’t wait for her to return to Italy tomorrow. However when Isabella takes a call from her builder, Brian’s horrified to discover he’s stuck with her for a further two weeks.

In a bid to get rid of her, Brian suggests to Isabella she should visit the sites of the north and offers to draw up an itinerary. 

ELSEWHERE In the Rovers Stephen glances wistfully at Jenny, before transferring £480 from Underworld to a private account in the name of Seagull Ltd to pay the next instalment of the life insurance policy. When Carla tells him that Owen is demanding to see the company accounts, Stephen masks his anxiety. Sarah and Harry take Adam for a belated father’s day meal at Speed Daal, but when Damon calls in, they’re both on edge. 

Wednesday 21st June 2023

RYAN WARNS DAISY THAT THE TRUTH HURTS When a brooding Ryan reveals that after a chat with Max he’s realised that she was the catfisher pretending to be Crystal, Daisy desperately tries to explain how after the attack Crystal made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him and she was only trying to protect his feelings. Bubbling with rage, Ryan throws her out. As Daisy tries again to plead her case, insisting her intentions were honourable Ryan’s scathing and asserting that it’s time Daniel knew about their kisses, heads out. Daisy’s horrified. 

DAMON GETS UNDER ADAM’S SKIN Sarah’s pleased when Adam pulls her in for a kiss but when she spots Damon she realises it was for his benefit not hers. Adam urges Nick to cut Damon adrift as the man is poisonous. Will Nick put family first? 

MAX KNOWS WHAT HE MUST DO As Max and Bec link arms and head down the street laughing, Alya watches with simmering resentment. When Bec then wants to go to Speed Daal Max panics.

ELSEWHERE Billy and Paul return and go through their post. Paul’s taken aback to discover that someone’s been looking into a Personal Independence Payment on his behalf. Chesney admits it was Bernie. Paul rails at Bernie, making it clear he finds her fundraising attempts humiliating. Toyah tells Amy that she knows what she’s going through as she was raped too. Recommending a counsellor, she urges Amy to book an appointment. 

Friday 23rd June 2023

ADAM IS OUT FOR REVENGE Dee-Dee finds Adam trawling through Paul’s file looking for dirt on Damon. Dee-Dee’s furious and grabs the file. As Damon tells Nick he’s booked an appointment with the Head of the Weatherfield Market Association to discuss a potential pitch for the bistro, Adam wheedles information out of an unsuspecting Paul about the car theft scam, managing to glean info on the guy he dealt with. Having traced Niall’s phone number, Adam meets with Niall, telling him that Damon Hay is planning to do the dirty on him and inform the police about his involvement in the car insurance scam. Is Damon in danger?

BEC LEARNS THE TRUTH ABOUT MAX Shona assures Max that if he’s truthful with Bec about his past, she’ll realise he’s a changed person and appreciate his honesty. Buoyed by her words Max goes to meet Bec. But when Alya gets in first, Bec confronts a mortified Max, asking him when he was planning to tell her that he’s a terrorist. 

EVELYN’S NOT READY TO GIVE BACK FREDDIE When Roy tells Evelyn that he’s feeling a lot better and it’s time Freddie moved back home she does her best to disguise her sadness.

ELSEWHERE When Stu declines, Yasmeen invites Roy to a book reading at the library, much to Evelyn’s annoyance. As Paul climbs off the bus with his shopping, his leg gives way, sending him sprawling. Bernie rushes over to help an emotional Paul. Bernie persuades a reluctant Paul to let her try out her crystal therapy on him.

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