Chas and Cain watch over Caleb in a coma. Chas is suspicious of Cain when two detectives, DS Raveley and DC Croft, arrive to question him. Meanwhile, Chloe worries about Mack’s involvement. Will’s strange behaviour fuels Gabby and Kim’s suspicions. Just as they’re leaving for the airport for their trip away, DS Raveley arrives to question a panicked Will. Although Will is relieved when Kim and Gabby corroborate his alibi, once the detective’s gone, Kim demands the truth behind Will’s shifty behaviour.

Meanwhile, Leyla’s alibi is rather fragile whilst Mack tries to play dumb when he is in turn questioned. When his alibi doesn’t add up, and with Chloe failing to corroborate his story, the police arrest him.

Tom is excited to have organised a romantic lunch for Belle. When Rishi offers to take the pair of them out Tom bluntly lets him down. Soon the couple are relieved when he allows them some alone time.

Vinny is determined to think positively about selling his house to Caleb. He bonds with Naomi.


At the Police Station, the detectives continue to grill Mack and aware things are looking damning, he begins to panic. Charity worries for Mack when Chloe begins to lose faith in his innocence.

Chas accuses Zak and Cain of hiding something.

Chas is upset when she overhears recently returned Paddy and Mandy announcing their relationship to Bear. When alone, Mandy makes her moves on Paddy but she is left deflated when he makes excuses.

Mandy returns from the Lake District to find her salon in chaos and Amelia filming a video. Amelia tries to convince Mandy social media will be good for the salon.

PC Swirling has news for Belle about Lachlan White. Worried Belle opens up to Vinny about her anxieties around Lachlan’s prison transferral. Worried about overwhelming him, she makes the decision to keep the information from Tom.

Naomi and Vinny’s friendship is blossoming.


Hearing news that Caleb is being brought out of his coma, Chas heads to the hospital, where she is shocked to see Charity at Caleb’s bedside. Meanwhile, David urges Leyla to tell the police the truth.

Determined to deal with her Lachlan anxieties without Tom she books an appointment to see her therapist. At work Jai accidentally triggers Belle’s anxieties It is clear Belle’s really struggling and later, Vinny’s concerned to find Belle in an anxious state.

Amelia does her utmost to convince her dad Dan her social media page could be a good thing for her and Esther. But Dan disagrees. Later, he apologises, agreeing to trust her.

Mandy and Paddy are feeling the pressure of the village’s eyes on their relationship. And when Mandy asks him to stay the night, Paddy deters her with further excuses. At Rhona’s nail appointment, Mandy confesses her worries about hers and Paddy’s lack of intimacy. But is comforted when Rhona offers a fresh perspective.

David and Pollard’s different managerial styles cause teething issues in the Shop.


Rhona reveals to Tom how Belle’s dealt with a lot of trauma and he’s worried about what she’s neglected to tell him. Before long, now aware there is a real problem at stake, Tom demands the full truth from Rhona and Jai as he is concerned as he’s been unable to reach Beller. When Chas hears she’s gone somewhere, they both head off in search of her. As they begin searching for Belle, the weight of their shared history is awkward so Tom apologises to Chas for what happened before he left the village. When they spot Belle in the distance, ignoring their calls, they fear her mental health has taken a turn for the worse.

Amelia’s thrilled when a subscriber asks to donate to her page. And with a bit of coaching from Sarah she’s set to make some money. Suddenly something unexpected pops up and Amelia admits to Sarah about the creepy message she has received. Later, over dinner, Dan’s impressed when Amelia’s phone continues to buzz but Amelia’s unnerved to receive yet another creepy message.

Meanwhile, Paddy unloads his troubles on Marlon and awkwardly admits the reason behind his lack of intimacy with Mandy. Bolstered by Marlon’s pep-talk he sets off in pursuit of her and Mandy’s stunned when Paddy turns up at the Salon to woo her. Will Paddy and Mandy get their relationship back on an even keel?


Amy encourages Chloe despite misgivings.

Vinny has a plan

Jai and Laurel are worried they cannot afford to visit Australia which results in fiction under their roof.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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