At the Police Station, the detectives continue to grill Mack and aware things are looking damning, he begins to panic. Charity worries for Mack when Chloe begins to lose faith in his innocence.

Chas accuses Zak and Cain of hiding something.

Chas is upset when she overhears recently returned Paddy and Mandy announcing their relationship to Bear. When alone, Mandy makes her moves on Paddy but she is left deflated when he makes excuses.

Mandy returns from the Lake District to find her salon in chaos and Amelia filming a video. Amelia tries to convince Mandy social media will be good for the salon.

PC Swirling has news for Belle about Lachlan White. Worried Belle opens up to Vinny about her anxieties around Lachlan’s prison transferral. Worried about overwhelming him, she makes the decision to keep the information from Tom.

Naomi and Vinny’s friendship is blossoming.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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