Charlie’s longing to have a heart-to-heart with Ella about their recent escapades gets thwarted yet again, this time by the meddling Scott. In the midst of preparing Vicky, Shing Lin, and Ella for their grand prom night, Scott takes issue with a particular dress Ella unveils – a sentimental piece once belonging to Cindy. Scott, playing the part of the fashion police, deems it unsuitable, leaving poor Ella red-faced and storming off, vowing to find an alternative ensemble.

Finally finding a moment alone with Ella, Charlie manages to bridge the awkwardness, acknowledging that their previous encounter was indeed a blunder. Sensing Ella’s distress over the hunt for the perfect outfit, Charlie reassures her that her beauty shines through no matter what she wears… but little does he know he’s about to put his foot in it.

Meanwhile, Ella finds herself the recipient of a pristine, anonymous prom dress left on her doorstep. She has a hunch as to the mysterious benefactor and later expresses her gratitude to Charlie for the unexpected gift, leading him upstairs for a private moment.

After a night spent together, Ella expertly sneaks out of the Osbourne residence, evading detection. Darren, eager to uplift the spirits of the lovelorn Oscar pining for Nancy, crafts a puppet bearing her likeness and tries it out on Charlie. Just as Charlie is grateful for the distraction, their hopes are dashed when the doorbell rings, only to reveal Shing Lin on the other side. The news of the prom being cancelled devastates the group, but Shing Lin takes charge, enlisting the help of former headteacher Sally St Claire, who uses her influence to secure the event’s revival.

However, in the heat of the moment, when Shing Lin throws her arms around Charlie in jubilation, a confused and conflicted teenager lashes out, leaving Ella standing by, perplexed.

Prom preparations are underway for Charlie, but his excitement fizzles out when he learns that Darren will be overseeing the festivities.

Uncertain about his standing with Shing Lin, Charlie’s frustration erupts when Darren attempts to impart some pearls of wisdom. Joining forces, Dave and Darren make a valiant effort to mediate between Shing Lin and Charlie, but their intervention takes an unexpected turn, leaving everyone in disarray.

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