In an attempt to create an unforgettable evening for Vicky, Scott goes above and beyond to organize a spectacular school prom for the teenagers. However, the night takes an unexpected turn, leading to embarrassment and uncertainty for Charlie.

As the prom progresses, Charlie finds himself facing the consequences of his hidden secrets. Past actions catch up with him, putting him in an uncomfortable position. Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, Shing-Lin, another student, accidentally spills a bowl of fruit punch all over Charlie.

The unfortunate incident not only leaves Charlie drenched and humiliated but also disrupts his highly anticipated headline set. His performance, which was meant to be the highlight of the evening, is ruined.

Now, Charlie must face the aftermath of this disastrous turn of events. With his reputation in shambles and the embarrassment fresh in everyone’s minds, he wonders what the future holds for him. Will he be able to overcome this setback and regain his confidence? Only time will tell.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed on E4 at 7pm for a first look

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