Amelia’s heartfelt warnings go unheard as Dan, unable to resist his concern for Lloyd, defies the odds and sneaks into the hospital to check on his condition. Little does he know, this impulsive decision will lead him down a treacherous path he never expected. Inside the hospital, fate introduces him to an unexpected encounter with Julie, Lloyd’s wife, further complicating his already troubled situation.

Attempting to conceal his mounting fears, Dan desperately tries to maintain composure in front of Amelia, but his efforts are in vain. The situation takes a harrowing turn when the police make their presence known and whisk Dan away for additional questioning. A knot tightens in his stomach as he realizes his ill-advised hospital visit could jeopardize his case.

To his astonishment, DS Giles drops a bombshell—Lloyd’s devices reveal no evidence of any wrongdoing. This revelation leaves Dan disconcerted, unsure of what to make of his own actions. DS Giles, sensing Dan’s vulnerability, takes advantage of the situation and challenges him to face the truth head-on. Panic sets in as Dan finds himself charged with GBH, a charge that terrifies him to the core.

Back in the village, Cain, recognizing the gravity of the situation, urges Dan to regain his composure for Amelia’s sake. However, the next day, Amelia stumbles upon paperwork revealing her father’s recent GBH charge, sending shockwaves through her. Desperate for answers, she confronts Dan, relentlessly questioning him about his arrest. Their conversation takes a heartbreaking turn when Dan, in his intoxicated state, foolishly blames Amelia’s social media activities for his troubles. Will Dan come to regret his drunken outburst, and will Amelia find it in her heart to forgive him?

Haunted by the consequences of his actions, Dan finds solace in the depths of the woods, drowning his sorrows in a bottle of whisky. It is David who stumbles upon his friend’s pitiful state and becomes the sounding board for Dan’s regrets and frustrations. Overwhelmed by guilt and the fear of facing a murder charge if Lloyd doesn’t recover, David struggles to provide reassurance.

Returning to Dale Head with David’s help, Dan’s world crumbles further when Amelia, determined to confront their issues head-on, insists on having an honest conversation. Heartbreak ensues as Dan, still intoxicated, hurls hurtful accusations at his daughter, blaming her for the predicament he now finds himself in. Will Dan regret his drunken outburst, and if so, will Amelia find it in her heart to accept his apology and mend their fractured relationship?

As the week unfolds, Dan finds himself caught off guard once again when Cain and Paddy unexpectedly arrive to whisk him away for a mysterious outing. Arriving at the cricket pavilion, tensions rise as Cain’s first ball results in a shattered window, causing a setback in the cricket match. Amidst the chaos, Vinny seizes the opportunity to remind Dan that their loyalty remains unwavering. However, Dan’s fragile state is further shattered when Julie, Lloyd’s wife, makes an unexpected appearance at the Woolpack, leaving him feeling utterly wretched.

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