Episode One

In the first episode of this intense four-part drama, Danny Dyer takes the lead as Steve, an ex-pat living in Australia. Steve and his best mate Brad, played by Darren McMullen, reunite with their families for a summer holiday in Victoria. Tensions simmer beneath the surface as Steve feels insecure about Brad’s lavish home, and Mia, Steve’s daughter, believes her father is having an affair. Secrets are revealed when Mia’s estranged boyfriend, Jet, unexpectedly arrives. The episode ends with the families trapped by bushfires, unable to leave.

Episode Two

As news of the spreading fires adds anxiety to the household, tensions rise among the characters. Brad insists the property is safe, but Louise, Brad’s wife, becomes increasingly worried. Mia accuses Steve of cheating, leading to conflicts within the family. Unbeknownst to Jet and Mia, their intimate moments are being filmed. Brad’s ulterior motives for his relationship with Sarah, Steve’s wife, start to become clear.

Episode Three

In this episode, the truth behind Tom’s injury is revealed, shedding light on Brad’s intentions with Mia. Kip, Brad’s son, confesses to growing marijuana in the shed. Sarah struggles with the separation but commits to a future with Brad. As tensions escalate, Steve notices smoke on the horizon, fearing for their safety despite Brad’s reassurances. A nearby town is evacuated, increasing the panic. Tom, distressed by his mother’s betrayal, seeks solace in drugs. A dangerous encounter between Tom and Brad leaves Tom missing and presumed fallen.

Episode Four

As terror sets in, the search for Tom intensifies. Kip reveals to Brad that Tom was high, which Brad uses to his advantage. Brad sends Jet on a mission to bring Tom back, using the encroaching fires as an excuse for urgency. Steve and Sarah frantically search for Tom, but their efforts are hampered by the smoke. As they reach the river, they see flames. With only four seats available on a rescue helicopter, the decision to stay behind and find Tom could have devastating consequences for the remaining characters.

Heat begins on Channel 5 from Tuesday, July 11th, 2023 at 9pm

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