In an unexpected twist, Dawn finds herself stunned when she discovers she’s already sixteen weeks pregnant. Overwhelmed with emotion, she shares this life-changing news with Billy, and together they experience a mix of excitement and apprehension as they lay their eyes on their unborn baby for the very first time.

Eager to celebrate their joyous secret, the couple decides to make Clemmie’s birthday an extraordinary affair. Filled with anticipation, they plan to reveal the upcoming arrival of a new sibling to their daughter. However, their happiness is short-lived when Clemmie appears distant and subdued during the gift-opening festivities. Concerned, Dawn and Billy are puzzled when Clemmie confesses that no matter what she wishes for on her special day, it won’t bring her beloved mother back.

Just as tensions rise, Nicky unexpectedly arrives at Home Farm, bearing a birthday card for Clemmie. Unfortunately, Gabby’s volatile emotions get the best of her, and she swiftly ejects Nicky from the scene. But in the ensuing chaos, Gabby inadvertently exposes Dawn’s pregnancy secret to both Lucas and Clemmie.

Panic ensues as the news settles in, and the atmosphere at Home Farm becomes tumultuous. Overwhelmed by the prospect of a new sibling, Clemmie spirals into a state of distress, convinced that this addition to the family will inevitably lead to her being pushed aside. As her anguish intensifies, Clemmie’s emotions escalate out of control, leading to a tragic incident. In her distress, she impulsively pushes a dining stool into Dawn’s abdomen, causing her to collapse. Frozen in horror at her actions, Clemmie is devastated by the consequences of her impulsive behavior.

Billy, alarmed by Dawn’s condition, realizes the urgency and insists that they rush her to the emergency room. Trembling with fear and guilt, Clemmie hides, overwhelmed by the weight of her actions. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dawn and Billy shed tears of relief and happiness as the sonographer finally confirms that their unborn baby remains unharmed.

Unbeknownst to the distraught couple, Clemmie, consumed by her emotions, slips out of Home Farm through the back door, vanishing into the darkness of the night. With their family shattered and their daughter missing, the future looks uncertain for Dawn and Billy, as they face the daunting task of locating Clemmie and mending the deep wounds left by this tragic chain of events.

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