Monday 10 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

Today on Home and Away, tensions rise as Kirby confronts Remi about his decision to cancel Lyrik’s tour in order to enter a Battle of the Bands contest. Frustration mounts for Kirby when her bandmates, including her boyfriend, fail to take her side in this dispute. As Theo focuses on finding Andrew’s mother, Kirby feels increasingly neglected, straining their relationship even further. However, Theo believes he has a plan to address the band’s problems.

In an attempt to resolve their issues, Theo proposes a vote among the band members. To Kirby’s surprise and disappointment, Theo votes against her, leaving their relationship on shaky ground. The couple finds themselves at odds, struggling to reconcile their differences amidst the band drama.

Meanwhile, Felicity expresses her happiness to Tane about his reconciliation with Kahu. However, Tane grows suspicious when Kahu fails to show up for work. His suspicions deepen when he discovers that Kahu has emptied his belongings and vanished without a trace. To add to Tane’s distress, he receives a phone call notifying him of suspicious transactions made on the company card, including an unexpected houseboat rental. Tane is left livid and determined to uncover the truth about Kahu’s sudden disappearance.

Elsewhere, Justin’s concern for Andrew escalates as the police fail to find any leads on his missing mother. Worried and desperate for answers, Justin receives a warning from Cash, advising him against approaching Vita Nova. Despite the warning, Justin’s desperation drives him to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Theo secretly takes to social media in an attempt to track down Andrew’s mother, keeping his actions concealed from Justin. Will Theo’s unorthodox approach prove successful in finding the missing woman, where the authorities have struggled?

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